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   Chapter 8 Eight

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Frozen on the spot, I can't seem to move my legs. I blink but the scene doesn't change. I'm going to be sick.


Sydney's shout comes before she appears by my side, "Why did you scream? Is everything- What the fuck is this?!"

On my bed is a dead cat with its head snapped open.

Sydney inches forward to bed while I stand motionlessly. Who could it be? Who could be so cruel to do this to an innocent animal?

"Oh my God! Akira, look what's written over here."

I don't move.

I couldn't move.

She grips my hand and pulls me near to bed. I take one glimpse of the words and run for Sydney's washroom.

Rushing inside I throw up.

Oh my God!

What kind of sick joke is this? Killing an animal and writing a message by its blood.

I'm watching you.

Who is watching me? What could I have possibly done to them? I don't even have anyone hating me. Do I? What does that person want from me?

"Akira?" Syd knocks on the door.

With the trembling hands I wipe my face. I glance at the pale, hollow looking girl in the mirror and give into the urge to vomit again.

"Are you okay?" Sydney's comes to me as soon I exit the bathroom.

"I'm fine."

I'm not.

"What sick person would something like that? It's horrible, Gosh! What do we do now? Do I call cops?" She sounds anxious and scared.

I'm terrified too.

"Syd, I don'

of birthday song starts, "Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Ira, happy birthday day to you."

Small me grabs Jake's hand and cuts cake together before making a wish. Jake also close his eyes to make a wish.

Ira giggles after birthday song, "What are you wishing for silly?"

Jake grins, flashing his toothy smile, "I wish that I always get to cut cake with you."

"Aw Jake. I promise you'll always cut my cake with me." Ira tells him, kissing his cheek.

Little did she know this would be her last birthday they are celebrating together before they leave her all alone.

Suddenly something is pulling me away. I can feel it, feel myself getting diminished. I reach out to touch Jake but they seem far and far away.

Don't leave me again. Please take me with you. I don't want to live without you. I have got nothing left to live for.

Don't go.




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