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   Chapter 7 Seven

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I feel a hand on my shoulder, I glance up to see a old man with long grey beards looking at me, concern filled in his faint green eyes.

"Are you okay, sweetheart?"

"Yes, I'm fine." I lie through my teeth. Recently this is the only thing I could say when someone asks how am I doing. In fact I'm anything but fine.

He raises his grey brow as if to say 'really?', "Is this how it goes these days?"


"Meaning of fine. Has it changed now? Because in my time I remember fine people didn't cry in the middle of nowhere." He remarks smartly, looking thoughtful as if considering it.

If I wasn't feeling so low I would've smiled at how serious he looked, "Yeah it has changed for me." I mutter, wiping my eyes.

"Sure it has." He retorts, offering me his hand. Clasping his palm I get up from my pitiful condition.

"Thank you."

He waves his hand away, "Where are you going?"

I eye him septically, he looks old but not that old, he must be in his early fifties. He is quite tall and dressed in baggy clothes. He is a stranger but he doesn't look harmful, if not welcoming. "I'm going back to my dorm room."

He nods, "Yale eh? Come on, I will walk you there."

I am quick to shake my head, "There is no need-"

He raises his hand up to stop me, "I insist."

I shrug, "Okay then." It's my gain anyway. I can't be alone with my thoughts. I don't trust my instincts when it comes to the thoughts of Romero.

His eyes crinkles as he grins, "Let's go."

We walk side by side, it's getting late. The sun has almost gone down and I can spot few stars in the sky but the crowd is still same. Everyone is wrapped in their wo

ou, I'll keep that in mind." It's sweet of him to advice me. He has told me his whole story without prying into mine further when I avoided answering him.

"Until next time. Take care of yourself, Akira."

My eyes widen, "How do you know my name?"

He blinks, "You told me, of course."

"I did?"

"Yes you did. Now in you go." He says and turns around retreating back.

I stare after him for few seconds before moving toward my room, frowning as I try to recall when did I tell him my name.

I open the door to find the living room empty and Syd's room close. She must in her room. I enter in locking the door behind me and reach for my room, with my mind still on that man.

As far I can remember I never told him my name because if I did, I would've asked his name as well but I don't know his name.

Who was that man?

And how did he know me?

Or what if I'm overreacting? What if I really did tell him my name unconsciously?

But did I?

All the thought evaporates as soon I push the door of my room open.

My lips part as I gape the scene with horror and I scream.

* * * * *

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