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   Chapter 6 Six

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For a moment time stops for me. All I see my Romero with another girl. A sinking feeling consumes me, slowly and painfully. I fight hard to not let my vision blurry and focus on the sight before me.

The orange light of drowning sun fawns on him, making him look like an angel. A foreign creature, so out of my reach yet so close to my heart, a place where he used to live for time being. It seems like a lifetime ago when when we were each others world. While he is still my world, I am not his.

He is standing opposite side of road with that girl. His face is in my direction and so is girl's backside. I can't see her face but I know she is not someone I know. She is wearing a jacket and jeans, not the usual model like girl I thought he'd go for.

Is she why I haven't seen him for last few day?

Is she the reason he doesn't want me anymore?

A stinging sensation of jealousy burns through me, last time I saw him, he was surrounded by pretty girls but I knew they mean nothing to him and this girl, I can't be sure about and that guts me more.

You thought you are irreplaceable?

I guess I'm not.

Everything could be replaceable but there is no other for me. I can never replace Romero to any other guy. I don't even want to and I don't think I have it in me to love any other the way I love him. I will always love him and maybe it's my punishment to continue my life loving him, while watching him move on with someone else.

I try to look closely for any hint that this is not what it looks like, I can

, I cry for all the pain I'm suffering from and most of all I cry for him letting me go.

Is it how someone feels when they want to die? How can a body endure all this anguish? I feel like I've reached my breaking point and I'm about to snap into pieces, like my heart.


Gasping for breath, I press my chest where my heart is aching physically. The agony it's going through is terrifying. How much more can it swallow before it refuse working? In the last nine years of my life I've experienced the worst I could. I discovered my father is not my real father, then I lost my family and my sanity. Now, I fell in love only for it to be snatched away.

Would I ever be happy?

Could I have any hope of happiness?


Without Romero, there would no happiness for me. There would be only darkness in my life as long as I'm away from him. And looks like he's really gone from my life, for good. I could never hope for light in the end for my tunnel would continue to go on. I just have to live with it.


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