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   Chapter 5 Five

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I turn to him when comes to stand in front of the seat opposite of mine. He is in black three piece suit, looking like a handsome devil. I recognise the darkness lurking behind his onyx eyes, I used to see it in Romero's eyes, the only difference is he hides his better than Romero. Rom doesn't really hide them but revel in his darkness where as Damon conceals his in a fake facade.

I wonder for a fleeting moment what kind of demons are chasing him. Then he smirks cockily, noticing me stare him as he elegantly fix his form on the seat. The thing is, he is hot and he knows it and is confident about it. There is no vulnerability in his demeanor and I highly doubt he ever let himself expose in other's eyes.

"Hello, Mr. Ross." I offer him my hand professionally, not knowing how else to greet him.

Amusement fills his eyes and he takes my hand for a shake as if humouring me. "Hello Akira, Damon is just fine."

A waiter appears on our table, "Would you like to order now, sir?"

Damon points toward me. Ah a gentleman. I give a small smile to waiter, "A hot chocolate, please." Its cold and hot chocolate would help me.

"Black coffee for me." Damon orders his.

Figured, I roll my eyes. What's with rich people and their black coffee?

I watch the waiter leave and then Damon, "I want to know what your reasons are for stalking me but first tell me when did King talk to you?"

He cocks his perfect black brows, assessing me, "You boyfriend or should I say ex-boyfriend?"

My heart clenches painfully at the remainder. I'm still not able to accept this reality that Romero is no longer mine. "That's none of your business." I snap.

"I am not apologizing for it." He tells me, his lips thinning in a line. I'm sure he is not used to people talking to him like that.

"I don't expect you to. Just answer the damn question." I'm irritated, all the tiredness of the day are catching me.

He stays silent for few moments before opening his mouth, "He reached out for me a day before your birthday."

He knows my birthday? Why am I not surprised? He probably investigated me just like Romero did. Don't these people understand the meaning of privacy? Maybe its not in their dictionary but it sure as hell in mine and I don't like my privacy getting invaded.

And I don't understand why Romero never told me about it. He promised he would tell me if he knew anything.

And you promised you'd never leave him. What about that?

I had to break my promise and I have a good reason for it. It's not like I deliberately broke my promise, it was the situation that made me do that.

Keep telling yourself.

I ignore that voice when the waiter returns with our order. I thank him and take a sip of my freshly made hot chocolate.

"Are you going to tell me those reasons of yours for violating my privacy?"

He sighs, "I will answer you after you tell me what happened you. You look nothing sort of the girl I met in that exhibition."

I smile drily, "How exactly did I look then and how do I look now?"

"You were full of life that evening. Your eyes were dancing with happiness and you were vibrating with joyous energy."

I was drunk that time, drunk in love of Romero.

My smile disappears, "And how am I looking now?"

He searches my eyes for something and looks disappointed, "Dead."

I blink at the harshness and the hard truth in that one word, "What?"

I feel dead.

"You are looking dead, as if you have l

then I accept it, "Thank you." I speak shyly.

"Take it to your room and come back after changing your clothes." Grandma points to my room.

I frown, "Are we going somewhere?"

I thought I would be spending my day with Logan.

She tenses slightly, "No, you are."

"But what about Logan-"

"We will talk about it later. Now go."

I look back to Dean who is still watching me and start to climb upstairs. Once out of their sight, I stop walking when I hear his next word that is directed to her.

"You said she is okay but she does not look okay to me. I believe she is still not over that accident and a change of scenario would help her."

"You are not taking her! I only agreed for you to spend sometime with her, not to take her away from me. If you try, I will call the cops!" Grandma shouts.

I hear Dean snort, "And just what would you tell them? That I'm taking my own daughter with me? I assure you my lawyers are good enough to grant her custody to me."

My father? The same man who caused my family's death?

I run back down, "No! I'm not coming with you and you are not my father. You killed him and you killed my family. I hate you!" I scream at him throwing the box down. "Don't come back in my home and in my life again or I will run away!"

I sprint in my room, and lock myself in it, crying until sleep overtakes me.


I remember that day now. Even after so many years a part of me still blames that man for my family's death, the part that still holds me guilty for the same. I don't hate him anymore, hating would mean I care, when in real I don't.

Its the ten year old child in me that blames him, she think if he didn't come to home that day nothing would have happened. She would have never heard the truth and wouldn't have run out. Her family would not have to go after her and that accident would have never occurred.

The grown up me knows that it wasn't his fault, I know everything happens for a reason and I believe in it. But even knowing it wouldn't make me accept that man in my life. I have had one father and he is dead.

I shake my head to get rid of these thoughts. Just as I turn around the corner, I stop dead. I haven't seen him since Sydney's party and now I see him.


But I wish I didn't.

Because he is not alone.

* * * * *

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