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   Chapter 4 Four

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I look up only to get thrown on my back because a small bundle of energy also known as little Ben decides it would be cool to jump on me while I am on my knees counting left over books. I let out a grunt as my bum collides with the hard ground.

He clings to me like monkey, wrapping his arm and legs around me. "I missed you!" He shouts in my ear.


Surprised, I hug him back, "I missed you too, Ben."

"Ben!" A man's voice reaches us loudly followed by his big figure. Mr. Parker takes in the sight of us and fights hard to keep his stoic demeanor on.

He clears his throat, and addresses his son, "Ben, what the hell are you doing? Get off Miss. Ray."

Ben shakes his head stubbornly, "No! I missed my princess."

I glance back to Mr. Parker helplessly. He just grins and look over his shoulder. His wife Helena who is very pregnant appears beside him looking furious.

"Benjamin Elias Parker! Come here this instant!" She shouts, making Ben tighten his hold on me.

"Princess please save me." He whispers on my ears ignoring his mother's demand.

"What did you do?" I whisper back, knowing very well he must have done something terrible to get this second degree.

"Nothing bad, I just gave her lipsticks to my girlfriends. I have one left, I'll give it to you if you save me from her now." Bloody hell. He is still negotiating in this condition.

Now I understand his sudden display of affection. He thinks I could save him from his mother. Clearly he doesn't know there is no fury like a pregnant woman's, even his father is not coming in between.

His mother moves forward and grabs him by ear, pulling him back, "You little devil! How dare you to touch my lipsticks! You gave them all away! You just wait till we get back home."

Taking all the enjoyment I could from the scene, I awkwardly stand up, dusting my butt.

Damn that hurts like hell.

"Ow. Mum, I said I'm sorry. I promise next time I will ask you before touching them." Ben cries, trying to get his ear free.

Helena's scowl darkens, "You are not touching them again! You hear me?"

"Yes mum." He mutter without a trace of sincerity.

"And you will not go near any of my make up kit!"

"But mum, what I'm supposed to give my girlfriends? They like your stuffs and they let me kiss them in return." Ben argues.

My mouth drops open. Is he for real? Oh yes, he is. Its just I keep forgetting he is future ladies man.

Mr. Parker snickers but one glare from Helena shuts him up, "Then grow up and start earning to give your girlfriends these stuff but don't even think about mine."

"Fine but I still get to give my cookies to them or they will break up with me." He snaps when he finally manages to get out of her hold.

His mother throws her arm up in frustration, "Just go to your granny. She is looking for you."

"Whatever." He rolls his eyes and walks up to me, "No lipstick for you." With that he sprints inside.

Helena sighs after him, "What were we thinking when we conceived him?"

Her husband, Elias Parker smirks, giving her a wink, "Clearly we weren't thinking at all."

Helena chuckles at the comment, her mood changes are quite swift and terrifying. "True but I wouldn't trade him for world."

"Neither would I." Mr. Parker smiles warmly.

Hell, no one with sane mind would try to change a kid like Ben. He is a package of full time joy and mischievousness. He is this element that lightens the room he enters.

I go back to resume my work but Helena stops me. "Akira, have you seen the cake we finalised?"

Why would I?

Puzzled, I frown, "No."

She smiles and links her arm with mine, "Then come on. We need your opinions as well."

"Me? But I- how could-" I stumble. This is family thing and I'm an outsider.

"You have every right to oversee every part of this wedding. And you know why? Because you made it possible."

The wedding.

Richard Jacob and Eveline Parker's wedding. After two nervous breakdown, Mr. Jacob finally collected enough guts to blurt out the question. I helped him to arrange that surprise so I was the witness of that wonderful evening. I smile remembering the look of his face when he asked her to marry him.


'Eveline, you are the only woman I have loved in my whole life and I promise to love you until I breath for the last time. When we met the first time nearly forty years ago I knew you were going to be my undoing. Instead of fighting the pull I accepted it and made you accept me but because of my ego and stupidity I lost you. Now God has given us this second chance, and I don't want to live with regret anymore. Eve love, will you marry me? Will you accept me again?'


"Isn't Erica taking over all responsibilities?" Erica is Eveline's daughter, she is very sweet and easy to get along.

"She is and she could use some help." Helena smiles in encouragement and look over to her husband, "Isn't that right, Eli?"

Mr. Parker nods, "Yes absolutely. We can't thank you enough for everything you have done

for our mother. She is more happy than ever."

Uncomfortable I decide to change the subject and blurt out the only thing in my mind at the moment. "Where is Eveline?"

She laughs as though knowing my embarrassment of being thanked numerous times, "Come with me."

• • •

I stare at the 'Shine' for a long moment, wondering if I should go in there or not. The last time I was here is not a pleasant memory to remember. It was when Rom asked me out for the first time and didn't show up. I was so upset over it, I thought he stood me up when in reality he was facing his own inner darkness.

Taking a brief breath I step inside, the same homelike environment greets me. The aroma filled with rich caffeine here is the closest thing reminding me of home. If I say I missed this place, it wouldn't be wrong.

"Akira. Hey."

I stiffen, just slightly hearing Alex's voice and turn to him putting on my smile, "Hi Alex."

"Good to see you back. You haven't been here in long time, have you?" He grins crookedly.

I can't help but notice the changes in him. He looks nothing like the boy who once tried to kiss me.

"Yeah, it has been long. How is your girlfriend?"

His girlfriend is partly the reason I forgave him. Almost a month ago, after new year's holiday I bumped into him when he was on a date with a model like beautiful girl. We had some talk where he apologized again and asked for one more chance in friendship. I saw he had finally moved on from his useless crush and forgave him. I am never known to keep grudges. And life is too short to live with grudge or regret. To be honest, I missed him as a friend, he was a nice friend, always there whenever I needed him.

I spot a faint blush on his his cheek bones, "She is not my girlfriend yet, but I'm planning to ask her."

"Good. She seems nice girl."

"She is. I'm lucky to have her. So are you and King still-?" He trails off, raising a brow.

I swallow the sudden lump formed in my throat at his mention, "No, we are not together anymore."

"How? When?" He looks shocked. I guess I never mentioned about our break up during the few times we talked again.

"We broke up three months ago." I tersely reply.

He pauses, as if digesting the information, "Did he hurt you?"

Appalled, I back away from him, "No! Why would you ask that?"

"I just wanted to make sure you are okay. Akira, whether you believe it or not, I truly care about you, " he sighs and adds softly, "as a friend."

I relax, he is just looking after me, and being my friend.

"Romero didn't hurt me, if anything it's me, who hurt him." And myself as well.

The image of him trying to rip his tubes off to reach me flashes before eyes and I sense my mood deepening by each passing second we are talking about him. I don't want to talk or think about Romero. I want and desperately need few minutes of solace without him haunting me. Is that too much to ask?

Alex also sees that and asks, "So are you here to meet to someone or on your own?"

I blink at the abrupt shift and then smile gratefully, "I'm meeting someone."

"Like a date?" He prompts.

I frown, not liking his prodding, "No, he is my er... friend."

I don't think Damon could be considered as my friend. He is practically a stranger and that's is why I choose this place. I need some familiarity if I'm going to meet a creepy stalker who claims to have his reasons. This place is more than suitable after I found out Alex fired that bitchy waitress, Ella. He told me about it last time we talked after Ella harassed his date for being with him and creating misunderstanding between them, at that moment I thought about telling him about the time she cornered me but rejected it immediately. What was point of bringing past back up?

Alex give a dubious look and shrugs, "The corner booth you used to sit is currently empty."

I smile, "That's great. I will just go and wait for him."

He nods, "I'll see you later."

"Sure Alex." I wave him before going toward my seat.

Damon has said he would be here by seven pm and I peer into my phone to see it's five minutes to seven. He better be on time. I'm tired and want my bed as soon I could but I couldn't even blow him off. He was supposed to fly over this friday, which is tomorrow but all of sudden he called and insisted on meeting today.

I slump in my chair and close my eyes exhaustedly. With class, library and now the wedding, I am all out of energy but I like taking part in preparation of holly matrimony of two souls. I have never been in an actual wedding before, I should be excited to be in one but I'm not.

Nothing feels exciting without Romero. Everything has turned dull for me, it's like I've lost the ability to find any happiness in my life, like life has lost all its meaning to me. I feel like I am just floating around without a finishing line in mind.

I am not living, not anymore, not since I left Romero.

I am merely existing.

My miserable thoughts are interrupted by a deep voice, "Akira."


* * * * *

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