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   Chapter 2 Two

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"So what do you think of it?" Sydney asks, showing me a gorgeous dress.

"Pretty." I absentmindedly respond.

Her eyes narrow at my nonchalant tone, "Really? I thought previous dress was more suitable."

I shrug, "Both look good to me. It's you who has to wear so you should decide which one you prefer most."

Throwing the dress to a nearby couch, she glares, "What the hell is going on with you? You are acting as though you are being sentenced. I'm turning twenty for gods sake, can't you at least show some enthusiasm? It's just a fucking party!"

Guilt strikes me hard. She is right, I'm being petty and ruining her birthday. "I'm sorry Syd. Of course I'm happy for you. It's just I don't want to go to any party. Not when there is some chances that-"

"King would be there." She finishes for me.

I nod. Yes, he could be there and I don't want to take any risk.

She huffs and pops down, "Then you don't have to worry about that because he won't be there."

I perk up, "Why?"

"Because for one, it's my birthday party, and two, I think King and Slade are not in good terms."

"What why?" I frown.

"I don't know but during holidays whenever my parents asked about King, Slade would avoid answering and if prompted he'd get angry. And also, King didn't come home this Christmas, not even when mom called him"

What could have happened between them?

I just hope it's not because of me. I can't take more guilt on me.

"Why do you think it is?"

"I don't know and don't fucking care. Slade was asshole to say all those things to you, he should be grateful I haven't disowned him."

"He was right though, if it weren't for me Rom wouldn't-"

She stops me, "Don't bother with that again. You shouldn't have left him at first place, at least not without discussing with King. All I know you are wrong here."

She doesn't understand.

"It was the only way. Romero would have never let me leave I know that much, he would have somewhat convinced me into staying. And I could never forgive myself if something happened to him because of me." Hell I couldn't even live with myself.

Syd rolls her eyes as if I'm talking nonsense, "Whatever."

Yeah, whatever.

I sigh and change the subject, "You are right the first dress was more beautiful."

She lightens up, "I know right. I just brought it last weekend for today specially, Lucas is so going to love it."


She looks uncomfortable, "Um.. yes actually, Lucas has asked me to be his girlfriend. I wanted to tell you before but you were...." She trails off.

"In my own world?" I suggest, hiding my grin. I'm enjoying watching her squirm and avoiding my gaze.

"Something like that and I didn't want to throw it on your face when you were so heartbroken." She mumbles.

Heartbroken, that I still am and probably would always be.

That doesn't give me right to spoil my friends happiness.

Though my will to smile disappears, I still manage to grin slyly, "So when and how did it happen?"

Syd takes a glance at my teasing expression and relaxes, "New years party. He kissed me and said he couldn't hide it anymore. He told me he was in love in me, that he always had. I took one look at his face and I knew he is the one. This time its filled with excitement and everything that was not with Luke. I love being his girlfriend."

She is glowing with happiness, her eyes are sparkling like Romero's did when he looked at me.

He used to stare me as if I was his whole world, as if he had stolen most precious thing and kept it in his possession.

My stomach churns, I have to force a smile, "That's good Sydney. I'm happy for you."

"Oh well, I'm happy for me too." She giggles.

"And what about Luke?"

She shrugs, "He is Luke, fine with almost everything. Lucas told me he had a talk with Luke, where Luke confessed everything and apologized to him. So we are okay, I guess. We don't talk as much we used to because Lucas is not totally over the fact Luke took me from him and gets jealous easily. I suspect Luke likes a girl from his class but doesn't have guts to go after her. He wouldn't accept it though. Fucking coward." She snorts in amusement.

Her phones rings, alerting her of something. She looks at it and smiles in triumph.

"C'mon babe, it's time!" She exclaims standing up.

"Time for what?" I question, confused and not sharing her sudden display of energy.

"Spa, of course. I told you about it yesterday. Grace and her other friend also coming- wait a second! You forgot, didn't you?" She accuses me pointing her finger.

I smile sheepishly, "Yes. No. Okay fine yes I forgot, I'm sorry."

"Get your ass up and get ready. We have appointment in thirty minutes." She orders, eying me closely.

I follow her command but not before rolling me eyes and muttering, "Yes grandma."

"I heard that." She calls from behind.

"You were supposed to." I counter back and chuckle at her growl.

• • •

I can hear the loud roar of music before I even enter the house. It's some isolated area where the party is being held. I don't see anyone else beside young people dressed up for this party.

A tug in my arm makes me glance beside to find Grace giving me looks of concern, "Don't be so nervous. Sydney said he won't be here."

I know what Sydney said but I'm still having a bad feeling about this party. Something is going to happen, I'm sure of that.


smile at Grace. She is really nice, supporting me when I thought she'd be glad that I broke up with Romero, "Yeah you're right."

Smiling back she starts pulling me toward the entrance, "Then lets go and enjoy!"

Enjoy. As if.

Grand party and even grand crowd greets us the moment I step inside but that's not what freezes me.

It's the burning sensation of his presence that halts me, the same awareness I would feel whenever he was near, the same emotions starts their firework after being dead for so long.

Oh my God.

He is here, I can feel in my bones. I look around, though I can't see him but I know he here.

"Sydney is over there." Grace drags me and my body move without any restriction. I'm too stunned by the knowledge of his presence to force my brain to work stably.

Sydney's troubled face confirms my fear. I was right, he is really here.

Oh God, what I'm going to do now?

How am I going to face him?

"I'm so sorry, Ira. I swear I didn't have a slightest of idea that King would be here. Hell even Slade said it's most unlikely." She sounds so sincere that I couldn't help but nod, swallowing whatever words I was about spit out. It's her birthday, she should be happy, not worry about me and it's not like its her fault.

"Hey birthday girl, don't apologize, okay. It doesn't suit you and I was going to face him at some point anyway."

"King is here?" Grace asks, clearly surprised. She looks around and abruptly stops. Her lips form a 'O' as she stares as something behind me.

I know I shouldn't turn around and I know I'm probably going to regret it but I still do.

All the breath leaves me in a rush when I see his beautiful form just some distance away from me. Oh my, I've missed him. All the yearning and the ache comes back in one quick motion when my eyes connect with his. I can't read them and it hurts the most. He looks at me as though he doesn't know me. There is no change, not a single sign that could tell me he is as affected as I am. Just as quickly our eyes connected, it breaks off faster. He diverts his attention to a brunette beside him, ignoring me.

The dismissal slaps me hard on face.

Digesting the bitterness, I force myself to look away from him and immediately wish I didn't. The brunette is not alone. There is group of girls on the couch he is seated, they are flaunting themselves, trying to get his attention.

My inside clenches when I notice one girl puts her palm on his thighs and he doesn't push her away. My vision goes blur at the sight, and all I see is red, every violent streak stirs up, pushing me to go there and remove that bitch away from my man.

But he is not your man, is he?

My throat tightens painfully at the reminder.

No, he is not.

I'm aware of the fact our break up was a hot news among the girls for so long. Most of them were happy that they could finally get a chance with him now, while some pity me for being used by Romero.

"Ira, I'm sorry." Sydney whispers from behind.

I take one last glance at him only to find him smirking at some other girl. The pain intensifies and I whirl around before I could fall apart. I close my eyes, blinking back the tears and open them again with a plan on my mind.

I fake smile cheerfully and exclaim, "I want to get drunk!" And erase that picture.

Grace opens her mouth to speak but Sydney clasps her arm and shakes her head, nodding to me in encouragement, "Let's do it."

We move over to bar and order bunch of drinks. Picking up a glass, I take a sip before emptying it. My mind burns with images of him with those girls. I take another shot, then another, again and after that I forget to count.

"Okay enough. Now lets fucking dance!" Sydney grips my wrist and pulls me on dance floor.

I laugh when she grinds into me, sending all those suggestive look. Not soon after Lucas arrives and scoops her in dancing with him. By now I'm at the verge of getting sotted. I raise my arms to dance and block the world out, becoming oblivious.

I continue to dance on the beats, stopping when I feel a hand on my hip and then being pulled again hard chest. But all of my protest dies when I realise who is it.



Even out of my sense I shiver as the electric shock flies over at the contact. I try to remain unaffected and act as though he is just another guy.

But, Christ, he is not just a guy. He is Romero King. My hearts goes wild in my chest and brain numb. No one can stay untouched from his effects.

I try to dance with him for few more minutes without showing any sign of recognition and I'm successful until he presses a wet kiss on my bare neck, stilling my every organ.


I can't take this from him. I need to get away from him. Now and fast. His closeness is tempting enough for me to fall on my knees and apologise for leaving him. I'll end up begging him to take me back. I didn't kill my heart only to risk his life again.

I push away from him and hastily make my way to terrace. I'm trembling when I open the sliding door. I need fresh air to clear my head. Walking outside I grab the balcony and take few deep breaths.

Deep breaths, Ira. You can control it.

The door slides open again, just after few moment. I don't have to look to know the intruder. Romero, my heart whispers. And I think some part of me already knew he'd come after me.

"Running away again, are you Akira?"

* * * * *

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