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   Chapter 20 You Look Like A Teenager

The Bossy Intruder By Sofia Characters: 4500

Updated: 2019-11-25 20:42

She blinked. Are her eyes playing with her? His eyes smiled at her.

She was smiling when she went out of his office. She was even humming as she went back to her table. All her gear had vanished. Micah gave her a chance to prove herself and it looked like he was trying to prove her that he was not as grumpy as she thinks. She would also make sure that she wasn't just seeing things when she saw his eyes smiling at her.

Alondra stretched her arms and yawn. She was surprised to see it was past seven in the evening. She didn't notice how fast the time passed. Tracy has already gone home to take care and play with her baby. She took over the rest of the things she needed to finish.

Most of her officemates were still seated behind their tables, working hard. They received a good whacking from Micah. He was not pleased with the proposal story board for the new campaign ad. The ideas were good but not good enough. She witnessed how he ba and the driving force of Zest Ads. They should come up with a better idea than what they have. He was squeezing everyone's brains to the limit. After all, it was the creative juices that keeps the company afloat. It's a fact that the campaign world is quite competitive.

She felt her stomach grumbled when someone placed a plate of chicken pesto pasta in front of her. "Dinner. You've been so s

cause I have baby face." Was that a positive comment or not?

"That kind of look gets easily swooned by boys."

She gawked at him. What does he think of her? That she was stupid? Good thing he was her boss and that he was good-looking or she would have beaten him with her bag.

"Sir, are you sure about sending me home?" He asked him when he opened the door of passenger's side for her.

"Of course." He answered.

"I'm ashamed of my simple home."

"Are you? Or is your boyfriend waiting for you at home?"

She grimaced. "I don't have a boyfriend. So that means no man has ever made a fool of me. I just don't want to be a bother to you."

"You will be a bother if we went on with this discussion here in the parking lot. So get inside the car now."

Her lips curled. She found herself doing as he told. She couldn't go against him when he uses this kind of tone on her. Bossy!

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