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   Chapter 19 You Represent Me

The Bossy Intruder By Sofia Characters: 3370

Updated: 2019-11-25 20:40

"As expected. It's obvious because you looked weak and out of your wits. Eat because I don't want my employees skipping breakfast. I don't like them underperforming. I compensate them properly so I expect them to eat properly. I don't want my employees neglecting their health so they won't get sick. Health is wealth."

Ouch! That hit her right at the mark. He sounded bossy and irritating but his words were laced with concern. She realized he was not as bad as she thought he would be.

"T-thank you, Sir, " she whispered then took a bite at the croissant.

He walked to the mini-ref and took out a tetra pack of milk. Then he placed it in front of her. "You should drink milk. You need more energy. I am a very demanding boss. I require one hundred performance from my employees. And if you do your job right, you will be well compensated."

She find it hard to swallow the croissant while he was looking intently at her. She just nodded in response. If he was going to twist her later, she would ne

ffort to look their best. "I will inform them too, Sir." She said.

"Who's 'them'?"

"My officemates."

"Doesn't matter. I need you to look your best. You are my secretary. In a way, you represent me. Tracy gave you a good feedback but I will still have to see your performance myself. And I will be very, very strict."

"Yes, Sir." She answered formally. She was preparing herself to accept the fact that he really was her boss. "If you have nothing else to order, I will go back to the office now. Thank you for the breakfast."

"I'm just returning the favor. You cooked breakfast for me the other day. It was good." He's eyes seemed to twinkle. "Thank you."

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