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   Chapter 18 Why me

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He didn't say anything and just kept a straight face at the elevator door. She can't read any expression from his face but most likely he was thinking of what to do with her. Will he kick him out of a job? She's so unfortunate. Her house was burnt down and now it looked like she's going to lose her job as well. Where in the nine hells would she even go?

"Miss Enriquez!"

"Yes, Sir?"

She was shocked to see him standing outside of the open elevator door. "We're here. Continue with your day dreaming later."

Daydream? She didn't notice that they were already on this Zest Ads' floor. She was thinking of how to keep my job and yet he looked at her as if she was thinking about him.

She kept her lips tightly closed. She couldn't answer him back or she might really piss him off this time. She stepped out of the elevator and waled towards him. "Sir can I use the comfort room for a while? It's just that..."

"Okay. I will give you 10 minutes to do your stuff. You should be thankful that I saw the traffic news on TV. I won't be so forgiving next time."

"Thank you, Sir!"

Alondra ran to the restroom and changed to her shoes instantly. Her flip-flops had already been too eye-catching. She then fixed her hair and retouched her make up.

When she looked

creative department, invited her.

"Go ahead. Enjoy yourselves. I have to work first."

She held her head high as she went inside Micah's office with his breakfast, despite feeling her confidence slowly depreciating. Even if she lose her job, she will not let herself look pitiful in front of him.

Micah's forehead was furrowed while looking at his laptop when she come in. The balloon and cake given to him was on his side but he didn't even took notice of it. "Sir, here's your breakfast and coffee."

"Okay. Eat it now."

"Sir? Why me?"

Did he doubt the food she made? It's not as if she will poison him or even put a potion to his food. Or was he too paranoid with his intentions on her.

"Have you had your breakfast? He asked her while he shifted his gaze to her from his computer.

She shook her head. "No, Sir. I haven't."

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