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   Chapter 17 He Smelled So Good

The Bossy Intruder By Sofia Characters: 4347

Updated: 2019-11-24 20:22

Alondra wanted to cry. It was already past 9 AM and the bus she was on was still stuck in traffic. They've been in EDSA for half an hour yet the bus still hasn't turned to Ayala Avenue.

She got up late because she got tired of Moving and fixing her things on the new apartment that she moved in to. It's a good thing that when she decided to pack up her things from because condo unit two days ago a tenant from the apartment of her coworker's friend moved out as well. So she was able to move in and was not required to pay the down payment after hearing that she was a fire victim.

Why did she have to be late now of all days, when today is Micah's first day of going back to work in Zest Ads.

She was still anxious even when Tracy already guaranteed to help her with Micah So that your job will not be put in jeopardy after the mess she started in the condo. No one can defend her if she goes to work late.

Her phone rang. It was Tracy. She felt depressed as she answers the call. "Hello, Ma'am."

"Where are you? It's already past nine. Micah will be here anytime soon." Her voice was laced with worry too.

"I'm already at the corner of EDSA and Ayala Avenue. It's traffic."

"Mika is on his way here. He will surely look for you. I hope you arrive here before he does. He said he

n she wanted to escape but he already got her. besides she couldn't get out of the elevator because it had already started to go up.

Alondra dropped her head and closed her eyes. This was what she's afraid of. She wasn't just late she even happened to be with him in the elevator at the same time. "I-I would just like to welcome you, Sir." Great! *palusot-dot-com.

He looked at her from head to toe. "Nice welcome though. Is that the new office attire now? Flip flops? What a grand welcome, Miss Enríquez."

Alondra look down on her feet and saw that she was still wearing her flip-flops. She did not have the chance to change to her sandals because he was with her inside the elevator. And she ran out of excuses.

"S-Sorry, sir. I didn't really intend to be late, it's just that it's really traffic in EDSA from Ayala. I didn't really want to be late."

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