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   Chapter 16 Stay For Good

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"Don't tell me you brought a woman even to my parent's house?" Micah asked as his eyes darkened.

Cougar grinned, "We left her in the car." Then tapped his shoulders. "Lighten up. We won't force you if you don't want any woman. We just brought you breakfast because we thought you must be crawling from hangover."

"How did you know I was here?" He asked as he followed them to the dining area.

"Tracy told us. She said she knew we were worried about you. Your parents are just preparing some food and will bring some here later. They said they want to celebrate your birthday."

"What's this?" Arice asked then he picked up Alondra's note.

"That's nothing!" He tried to take the note from him but Cougar was faster.

He grabbed the note from Arice's hands and read it. "Aha! You have a woman with you here last night named Alondra. She even prepared breakfast for you. Who's this Alondra?" Cougar asked.

Micah grabbed the note from him and put it on his pocket. "It is none of your business."

"It is our business, buddy, " Steele said as he jokingly punched him in his arm. "There's something between you and this girl because you were so excited when you opened the door for me earlier. You look as if you want to hug me because you thought I was Alondra. Then you lost your blow when you realize it was me."

"Who is Alondra anyway? Did you meet her after you left the bar? Outside your condo? Is she your neighbor? Did you spend the night together?" Arice asked successively.

"Don't get any ideas. Alondra is my employee who is temporarily sta

ying her because her boarding house got burned. She took care of me because I had headache. She cooked for me to show her gratitude to me for allowing her to stay here and she's old enough to be my mother. I'm not into older women. Okay?"

"Okay." They chorused.

"What's for breakfast? Maybe we can share it." Steele said.

"There's Mc Donald's down stairs. Go there." He said while frowning. "I don't have supplies here." Even before, he never stock up supplies. He often eat out. That's why she wanted to have a wife so that someone would take care of him.

"Alright." Steele said then left after taking the other two's orders.

"Are you leaving the Philippines again?" Cougar asked when Steele came back with their food.

"No. I decided to stay for good. And as early as tomorrow I will be back to work." He declared.

His friends cheered together. It's like a miracle they have been waiting for has come true. "So this means you're also ready to date?" Arice asked.

"Forget it." He growled then continued with his meal. He didn't know why he thought of Alondra. What could be happening to her now?

When his friends finally left, he called Tracy. It was already passed nine in the morning. "Is Alondra there? Did she arrive safely?"

"Yes. Do you want to talk to her?"

He was taken aback. What would he tell her? Should he ask her why she suddenly left? If she had eaten? What time will she be back in his condo later? He shook his head. Won't he sound like her boyfriend or a husband?

"No. Never mind. Tell her not to be late tomorrow."

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