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   Chapter 11 The most stupid word ever invented

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"Then, it's your fault for not bothering to read our messages. I just lend her a hand, " Tracy lamented, ready for a fight. She was not a bit intimidated with her jerk of a cousin. She would only be staying in your place for a couple of days. Besides no one lives there and you have plenty other condo units across the Metro. You don't know how scared I was went I visited your condo in Robinson's Tower. It gave me creeps! I felt like it's been inhabited by evil spirits and ghosts because it's been vacant for too long."

"That's stupid! There are no such thing as ghosts." Micah retaliated.

"Don't you know that's what happens when a house is been abandoned for a long time? I heard that the condo unit below you had been vacant for six months and now the new owner said that they kept on seeing a white lady in that house. Who else would want to live in your unit if it's been inhabited by ghosts already? It's better that someone could stay there even for a while. Besides, Alondra had nowhere else to go. She will only be staying there until she finds a new place to stay. She will just sleep there, bathe, she even volunteered to clean the place for you."

"And do you think I will allow here to take refuge in my condo after what she did?" Micah asked with vehemence in his voice.

"Sir, I was just defending myself against you. What's if you were really a thief? There would be nothing left in your condo if I wasn't there. You should be thankful..."

Micah threw dagger-looks on her way. "There's a tight security in that building. How can a mere thief get pass that? And I have nothing to be thankful for. My return had been more unfortunate since I met you."

Alondra bowed her head down. It looked like she really was on the verge of loosing not just a place to stay but her job too. She hoped not. She's not a bad person. She was also a victim of these unfortunate circumstances and most of all she didn't have anything to do with what ever bad luck he's into.

"I stand my ground. I was just defending myself. You should be thankful that's all you got for accusing me of being a prostitute and an extortionist. That's a grave insult on my womanhood." She reasoned. I'm pure and innocent! Never been kissed. Never touched.

Micah massaged the back of his head. "Ugh! What a mess! I want to go back to my condo and rest."

"So what are we going to do Sir?" The policeman asked. "Are you still going to file a complaint?" Then he turned to her "Miss are you going to file a complaint?"

Alondra shook her head. "No sir. It was

all just a misunderstanding. It turned out his not really a rapist but the owner of the condo. I'm sorry for wasting your time."

"That's right. Let's just go home and rest. We are all exhausted." Tracy said. She kept her silence while the police officers released them. She felt heart heart heavy now that there was no assurance of what lies in her future. What's she supposed to do? Should she beg Micah to let her stay and not kick her out of his condo?

"Micah, I'll drive you to Tita Mildred's house. I'm sure they would be delighted to know you're finally back."

"No. I'll be staying at the Robinson's Tower. I will meet mom in my own time."

Alondra swallowed hard. "S-Sir, how about me?" She asked nervously. "D-do you want me to leave?"

She almost cried because of self pity. She had to stay strong. She won't cry. She knew that she couldn't stay with Tracy. Her unit is just big enough for her, her husband and their baby, who hadn't turned one yet. Tracy knew she wouldn't be comfortable staying there, that's why she didn't offer her place to her on the first place. Her co-employees also rented spaces enough for them. They couldn't accommodate her too and it's the middle of the night. She could ask for Marlowe's help but she would only end up making him and Nana Bertha worried. She didn't want to add up to their worries.

"I'm tired of thinking, Miss. Do you really think I'm that cold hearted that I will kick you out in the middle of the night? If something happens to you, that will be my fault." He growled at her.

"But, you two will be alone in that unit. Are you sure about this?" Tracy said tentatively then she held Alondra's arms. " I'll bring her to an apartelle."

"I don't have money for a room." Alondra said abruptly.

She swallowed hard when she remembered how close their body was earlier. How she thought he was going to take advantage of her.

"Don't get any ideas, Miss. Prostitute or not, you're still not my type. I just want to sleep as soon as I can and my mom's house is too far away from here to even let Tracy drive me there." Micah said. "Besides, she has a family and a baby who are waiting for her. We've bothered her enough. My condo is too big for the two of us. I'm not a rapist. If you want I can ask the guards to stand outside the guest room to make sure that i don't have the slightest interest in you."

"I-I'm really sorry, Sir." She said in a low voice as she bowed her head.

"Sorry? That's the most stupid word ever invented. As if a simple sorry can make things right."

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