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   Chapter 10 Mr. Impostor

The Bossy Intruder By Sofia Characters: 3913

Updated: 2019-11-22 19:33

"Well I had just arrived! How about you? What were you doing in my condo?" the man interrogated.

Alondra rolled her eyes. "Mr. Policeman, please give this man a coffee to wake him up. He's drunk. You'll see. My immediate is coming and you will all realize that this man is an impostor. I'll make sure he's the one who will end up in jail."

This guy is crazy to even pretend to be the owner. Damn, he could be a con artist, for all she know! Once Tracy gets here, she will prove them she's not a paid-woman and this man man will spend the night in prison getting his drunk ass shit together.

She was about to give her statements when Tracy arrived. Alondra met her halfway. "Ma'am, please help me. It was i who was almost raped by a trespasser, yet I'm being accused of being a prostitute."

Her face turned red in anger. " I can't believe such a thick-faced guy exist! Where? Where's that guy? The nerve. I'll have Duterte (the current president of the Philippines) erase his face. I'll make sure to put him to his place."

"That's him." She said while pointing at the man.

With big steps, Tracy approached the man. Her lips curves in a smirk. Let's see if t

rows raised. "Or is it that Miss Enriquez here has an extra job."

Alondra's eyes widened. "It's not what you think, Sir! I don't have an idea what you're talking about."

"I am asking my cousin, Miss. Not you." Micah said in a cold voice.

Jerk! Was it wrong to explain my side? Was it wrong to defend myself.? He was accusing her inappropriately.if he wasn't her boss, she would've sent him flying with a kick.

Tracy just smiled. "Micah, Alondra had no where else to go. The boarding house she lives in was aught fire and was burned to ashes that's why she's staying at your condo for the meantime."

"What? And you didn't even bother to tell me?"

Tracy rolled her eyes at him. "I sent you message to your email. Did you not see?"

"I don't have time for that."

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