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   Chapter 9 Maniacs Are Everywhere

The Bossy Intruder By Sofia Characters: 4461

Updated: 2019-11-22 19:29

"Ma'am Tracy, I'm really sorry but I hope you can come here to help me. No one else can help me, besides everything happened in your cousin's condo unit. I really am getting scared." Alondra said while shivering voice while she talked to her boss. She could not stand the crazy events that happened the whole night.

Some police officers looked at her in an awkward way. When they heard that she worked as a prostitute, they looked like they were to eat her whole. It was like the whole world is against her. No one wanted to believe that she was not a prostitute and that the man who was supposedly his costumer was a rapist who trespassed the condo unit she was staying at.

"Alright. I'm coming. Just stay calm. Everything will be okay. I will make sure that jerk who tried to rape you will rot in prison. Those maniacs are everywhere. They're in trouble if Duterte finds them."

She glared at the man as she walked back to the table where he was making the report. He really is handsome but still a maniac. What pissed her more was the fact that just because he was good-looking and spoke like a wealthy man, he was the entertained by the police.

What was happening to the world? Were they hanging up on her because she didn't look rich? Where was the justice in that? The two security guards didn't know her because they wer

an even add physical injury to my complaint. You hit me with your knee on my..."

"I hope you get barren!" She shouted at the man.

"I even thought you were an exorcist. You even brought a crucifix. Were you know ashamed to bring a cross to your work?. If you are not a prostitute, what are you then? My spiritual advisor?"

She wanted to cry in frustration. She really couldn't understand why even the security guards at the condo believed this man. What's with this guy that everybody believed in him. She was the victim here!

"He's a Trespasser." She insisted.

"A trespasser in my own property? Maybe you're the trespasser, Miss, " he said. "Who among my friends gave you my pass code? Must be Arice, but Steele also knows about it."

"You're the owner?" Alondra let our a loud laugh. "What owner? The owner of the condo is still in abroad. You can't fool me. The nerve."

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