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   Chapter 8 The Stripper Thief-Slash-Rapist

The Bossy Intruder By Sofia Characters: 4784

Updated: 2019-11-22 19:27

He was a thief! A thief of virtue! She wriggled underneath him and tried to hit his crotch with her knees while punching him. Where did this handsome thief and rapist came from. She had to fight him. But he caught her hands when she tried to scratch his face.

"Miss, what's this? Is this your modus operandi to get more money from me? I'm sorry miss but it won't work on me. You'll be one ending up in jail."

She was astonished. He had the guts to send her to jail when he was the one who threatened her virtue! "You're drunk aren't you?" She could smell alcohol in his breath. "You have the guts to send me to jail when you're the one who appeared here out of nowhere and acted like you own this condo!"

He held his head. "Wait, you're accusing me of trespassing in my own house? You, a prostitute?"

"Prostitute?" She exclaimed. "Take back what you said!"

He just smirked at her when she started fighting back. She was neutralized. "Miss. I had a drink but I'm not drunk. You can leave peacefully. I'll just pay you for your services even when nothing happened between us or should I just bring to you the precinct?"

The nerve of this guy! Did he think he could threaten her just like that? "Mister, you're drunk. I'm the one who's calling the police because you don't know what you are doing!"

He's the one who trespassed the house, so he's the one going to jail. For all she knew he would even rob the house aft

o it's better to say it's between a prostitute like you, who wanted to extort my money or me, the victim."

"I'm not a prostitute! Just you wait. You'll see. I won't let you past for calling me a prostitute!"

The elevator door opened with two security guards already waiting for them. She let out a loud cry and run fearfully towards them. "Sir, please help me. That guy is a rapist and he wanted to do something bad to me. Please catch him!"

"Sir, is this the prostitute you phoned us about? The one who wanted to extort you?"the guard suddenly asked.

"You're right." He said confidently. "She almost escaped and even tried to unman me."

Alondra felt light-headed. Why are they talking to each other like that? She was the victim here. Why are the guards listening to him? "But sir..."

The security guards looked at her. "I'm sorry, Miss. We have to bring you to the precinct. You were wrong with what you did to the condo unit owner."

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