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   Chapter 7 Naked Ghost

The Bossy Intruder By Sofia Characters: 4193

Updated: 2019-11-22 19:21

Cougar? Cougar who? Was it the leader of a cult?

She kept her eyes closed because she was afraid to open her eyes and see he had become a rotten corpse. "Uhm... no one set me here. Just go to the afterlife. This is not the world you belong to anymore."

He laughed at her mockingly, his warm breath fanned her face. It did not seem to come from a spirit. It seemed to come from a living human being. " Miss, what world are you talking about? And what's with the cross?"

She suddenly opened her eyes. "Aren't you afraid of this crucifix?"

"What do you think of me? A vampire? A monster?"

"No. Aren't you an ghost? An evil spirit who's soul can't rest that's why you're haunting this place. I'm here to put your soul to rest."

She stared at his beautiful face. Where the hell did his beautiful face come from? Why did he talk to her like that? And why did his body emit a strange warmth? She did not feel afraid of him. More like she wanted to let her hands run through his hard muscles. But she was afraid that he would melt or disappear. It would be a waste.

"Is that a new gimmick from your bar?"

"Bar? What bar?" She asked, confused.

"Nightclub or what ever! At least you didn't come out from a giant cake. Sorry miss, your gimmic

ring over her and her at the bottom looking up at his face. "What ghost? Miss, are you fucking kidding me? Have you gone mental?"

Mental? Oh yes she would have gone nuts with what was happening.

Her body was trapped in his warm body. Warm. Ghosts didn't have warm bodies. They're supposed to be cold. She felt his weight over hers. Her hands didn't even go through his chest which would have happened if he really was a ghost. Her hands lay flatly over his chest and she felt his heartbeat.

Her eyes widened in realization. "You're alive?" He was not a ghost. He was a real living man. And he was almost totally naked while their bodies are pressed close together. He thought she was a prostitute. And what do prostitutes do, wasn't it to give their bodies to pleasure men... she let out an ear defeating scream. "Rape! Rape!"

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