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   Chapter 6 Ward Off Evil Spirits

The Bossy Intruder By Sofia Characters: 4233

Updated: 2019-11-22 19:18

She heard the water running from the shower again but the voice of the singing ghost was still there. She sighed. She felt like she wanted to hug and soothe the owner the voice... but it was a ghost. He was not the gorgeous man she imagined. Drat! The ghost must've hypnotized her to bring her to the underworld.

She shook her head over again to clear her mind. She searched her closet for the crucifix made of mahogany wood which she inherited from her grandmother. It was blessed with prayers and was effective in warding off evil spirits, even bad luck.

She gripped the crucifix tightly with her hands. She strengthened her resolve. She must stay strong and help the ghost find peace so she could have her peace too. She didn't want to die yet. She still had a lot of dreams to achieve. She didn't even have a boyfriend nor had her first kiss. She didn't want to die without even experiencing any of it.

"Oh God! May his soul find peace." She uttered while opening the door to the master's bedroom.

She found the sim lighted room. Her heart started to race. The light was on. When she looked at the floor she found a pair of shoes, a checkered polo, pants and a bag that seemed to belong to a man. This was real! This was not a dream. The ghost was haunti

you kneeling there for?"

She held the crucifix even tighter and closer to her chest. "You should let your soul rest. You have to have peace of mind. You can't stay in this world anymore. Just go with the light."

"Light?" She felt him leveled his face to hers. She smelled his fresh breath and the soap he used. Hmmm... yummy! He did not smell rotten like a corpse nor of flowers for the dead. If all ghosts smelled and looked as good as he is, no one would definitely feel frightened. But this ghost seemed to have a temperament. He's not frightening because he was a ghost but because of his the tone of his voice. Like, she could not say no nor defy him. It was like he was used to being the boss. "And which light should I go? To the flickering light where you came from? Who sent you? Was it Cougar? Tell them I don't need you here."

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