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   Chapter 120 One hundred twenty

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Please God, no!

I run toward him with the speed I never knew I possess.

In those few moments it take me to reach him, I see shadow of death dance around his still body. The same way I saw it lurking around my family's body when they were taken away from me. The last few seconds of their life were spent in its company, I didn't understand it then but I do it now.

It's staring back at me with it's soulless eyes.

And It is mocking me, laughing at my nativity for believing I could escape it, that I ever be happy.

Not Romero, God!

I won't let you take him from me. You took everything from me, I stayed silent but not this time.

Not him.

Not my Rom.


I push through the crowd gathering around him.

There is blood, so much blood, its pouring out of his head. Everything feels so familiar, it's like history is trying to repeat itself.

Crouching down beside him, I take his bloodied palm in mine.

"Rom, wake up." I plea brokenly.

"Jake, wake up."

He doesn't stir.

"Look, your Ray is here." A sob breaks out of my heart, I feel it cracking slowly with each passing second.

"Look your Ira is here."

He doesn't move.

"Please Rom, open your eyes." I beg him to come back to me, to look at me with his beautiful grey eyes, to hypnotize me in its spell, to never let me leave.

He doesn't listen, doesn't response.

It's like he is not there anymore, like he can't hear me.

Please God, don't take him from me.

I will die without him.

Please, please, please.

"I love you, Romero. Please don't leave me."

I love you.

Please stay with me.

"Call the ambulance, he is alive!" A shout comes roaring, reaching to the depth of my core.


I look up to see Mike on the other side of Romero, touching his neck, he gives me a slight nod, as if trying to assure me.

But nothing matters at that moment. Everything else has lost all their meaning to me, because without Romero, my life would be exactly like that, meaningless.

Right then all I can hear is that 'he is alive'.

Romero is alive.

He is not leaving me.

Thank you, God, thank you so much!

My Rom is alive.


• • • • •

My eyes drifts from a pacing Slade to tense Paul to that door.

The damn room.

It has been hours since they took him inside that room. They won't let us go in there either.

The doctor said the surgery was successful but now it all depends on the will of patient. On how much he wants to gain conscious or if he wants to get lost in unconsciousness. He said now we can only wait and pray that he wakes up soon, otherwise there is high chance that he could go into coma.

But they don't know that they are wrong.

And I know this because I know my Romero.

I know that he would never leave me alone, he is too possessive to let his Ra

man my life seems to revolve around, the man I love with every ounce of my body.

His eyes are open as he stares back at me. I see the pain and darkness that I put in his eyes. It's unbearable.

All of sudden the tears burst out, all my emotions clouds converting into angry, sad mess. "H-how dare y-you that to me? I-I just wanted to h-help you but you never l-listen. Those drugs are...are killing you, why can't you understand? I-I kept yelling but you never looked back, instead y-you made me watch you getting destroyed!"

His eyes turn glossy and I realize I should probably stop but the words keep coming into angry sobs, "All I wanted to protect you, love you so why? You were mine, dammit! Mine to love so why didn't you listen? Why did you do that. Why?"

He makes a pain sound, his eyes are now burning red, as if he can understand what I'm not saying, as if he can listen to what I don't want to say.

I can't stand the way he is looking at me, it is filled unyielding desperation.

His haunting eyes are screaming, they are begging me to come to him but I can't. I can't go near him because if I did I would never be able to do what needs to be done.

"R-ray.....ple-please." He groans as he shifts his damaged hands. He is trying to move his already damaged body. The machines starts to beep as he tries to pull off his tubes.

"Romero, no! Nurse! Nurse! Somebody help!" I shout when he continues to struggle.

The same nurse runs inside and moves near him. He doesn't cease his effort, not until the nurse injects him.

I stand there helplessly under his pleading gaze as they are forcefully shut against his wish.

I stay there for long time, just watching him rest, trying to draw everything  about him in my brain, and in my heart, before step out.

I don't bother looking for anyone else.

I have made my decision.


*****The End****

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