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   Chapter 119 One hundred nineteen

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I am dragged out of my beautiful dream by sweet kisses on my neck. "Happy birthday love."

Oh yes.

It's my birthday today.

Squinting my eyes, I look over my shoulders and grin at Romero who is looking deliriously fresh, "Thank you."

He snuggles closer, "Stay."

I know what is he thinking and I want that too but, "I would but I have to submit an important essay."

He nibs my earlobe, "You sure I can't do anything to change that?"

I suppress a moan, "You can give it your best." I try to sound unaffected but his wandering lips has me squirming.

"Not even sleepy sex?" He teases, I feel him hardening.

Oh he knows how much I crave morning sex.

Screw that.

I crave him, period.

"Tempting but still no." I moan this time when he bites my sensitive spot.

"Your loss." He grunts pulling away as he adjusts his hard on.

I sit up and smirk, eying his member, "Seems to me its your loss."

He smacks my bottom playfully, "Go and freshen up. I am making you breakfast."

"You are?" I smile giddily.

He bits his lower lip and glances at me nervously, "I'm trying something new but don't expect it to be good-"

I shut him up with my lips, "I will love it."

He clears his throat, his eyes darkening at the sight of me in my birthsuit as I climb down the bed and put on the bathrobe hanging by the side.

"Fuck Ray, I'm hanging by a thread here. Go before I change my mind and make you my prisoner for the day." He growls leaping toward me.

I squeak out a laugh and run inside bathroom. I stare at my reflection and smile, 'Happy birthday to me.'

After having done my morning deeds and shower within fifteen minutes most, I exit the washroom, expecting to find Romero but it is empty.

Is he still making breaking for me?

He said something special. What could it be?

I walk inside wardrobe and pick out my prettiest dress I've here. It's a dark black dress with full sleeves, reaching my mid thighs and grab my new knee length boots I just bought from sales. I let my hairs down knowing Rom loves it like that.

Once I'm ready I decide to go down and see whatever mess he is creating but ringing of my phone stops me.

Who could it be?

Grandma, Logan and Bella has already called me last night before I finally dodged off peacefully.

It's Sydney.


"Happy birthday!" She shouts from other side.

"Thanks Syd." Her enthusiasm is contagious.

"So what's plan for today? Wanna celebrate together at some club?"

"Er.. I don't know about my own plan because Rom has taken my day for himself. He has some surprise for me, I think. He just informed me I'm his hostage after my class." I smile at the prospect.

"How sweet! Who knew King could be this romantic. Despite my dislike for him I am happy that you have King as your boyfriend. Even though he was jerk to me last night."

"Last night?"

"Yeah. I called to wish you. King answered and he was like, 'Ray is sleeping, don't call again.' and then he hung up. Just like that."

I giggle as she tries to mimic his deep voice sillily. "I'm sorry about that."

She snorts, "Don't worry about it. I mean it's King after all, what else could you expect from him and I'm quite used to it. Anyway have you told King about your surprise for him."

"Not yet but I will, soon."

I can't wait to tell him that I'm ready to move in with him.

Oh he'd be so happy.

"Alright but you will still have to give us your birthday treat."

"I don't have time for your bullshit. I will do it myself. Just give it to me."

"No!" I back away.

"Fucking give me!" He moves toward me.

Not knowing what to do, I throw the bag out of the window and hear the shattering of glass, before I could sigh in relief, he has fisted my hairs and yanks me to him.

As I stare into his black orbs, I realise I'm scared of him, truly scared that he'd hurt me in a snap if he wants to. His dead eyes bore into mine with the amount of repulsion and yearning I've never received before. It sends the chill down my arms, the hair of my neck stands in alarm.

"You never fucking listen." He shoves me away from him.

He is shaking badly, his fingers tremble when he rakes them through his hair. There is battle inside him and he is struggling. He knows he has to control himself but can't. As if the emotions are beyond him.

I want to touch him, to comfort him but I can't. He doesn't want my comfort, he is repulsed by my touch. For the first time I'm afraid my touch won't be welcomed by him.

And it hurts.

So much that I find it hard to breath.

"Fuck! It's happening again. I can't control it. I need- I need-" He roars in fury.

I reach out to touch his arm and choke out, "What is it you need, baby? Tell-"

"Get the fuck away from me!" Pushing me back, he stalks out of the car.

He is walking so fast and blindly, without looking at his sides.

"Romero." I breath, my heart starts pacing when I notice black car coming toward him. I jump out the car and shout for him. He doesn't glance back to me.

Why won't he look?

The car blares its horn but Romero's stride doesn't falter. He just keeps moving as if he can't hear it and then I realise he really can't. The voices in his head must have grown too strong to cover all the outer sounds.

My eyes shifts back to the speeding car with no intention of stopping. I turn back to Romero who is already on road. I make a run for him but I know I'm too late.


I watch helplessly as the car hits him cruelly. In blink of eyes he flows in air and falls down with a thud. The sound and sight would be permanently engraved in my brain.

Blood smears all around the road, and my nightmare from all those years has repeated itself.

A scream finally tears out from me. "Romero!"

* * * * *

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