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   Chapter 118 One hundred eighteen

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"Was there any problem?" Is the first sentence comes from Romero's mouth and directed to Mike.

Mike, who I can now see clearly in light is quite young looking, probably in his late twenties, gives a brief nod, "Two homeless thugs were harassing Miss. Ray."

Rom clenches his fist but there is not even a hint of emotion on his face. "Where are those bastards?"

"They are taken away."

"Deal with them." Romero orders before finally fixing his eye on me.

Understanding the dismissal, Mike backs away silently until there is no trace of him.

"Hi Rom." I murmur meekly, knowing very well he is angry at me.

He doesn't acknowledge it. Gripping my wrist he pulls me to the other side of car, making me sit and then he himself takes driver seat. With a raging temper he starts driving furiously.



"Rom please."

Again ignored.

"Talk to me." I demand with uncertainty.

He stays silent.

Is he seriously going to give me silent treatment?

"Okay fine. I'm sorry."


Then, "Why are you sorry?"

I sag on the seat, "For being careless."

"Damn fucking right you were careless, enough to get into trouble." He barks out.


He is not just angry. Boy, he is pissed.

"It's not like I deliberately got in trouble." I counter back.

"You might as well have. What the fuck were you thinking wandering around delinquent area?"

"I didn't know it was bad side or I swear I wouldn't have gone there."

It didn't seem that bad though, I met a friend there. It's highly doubtful if I'm going to tell him about Ben. I know he'd not approve it. Me, being friend to a male, is equal to his irrationality awakening.

"I doubt that." He snaps.

"I said I'm sorry. Its not like I'm dead or anyt-"

I halt when he turns to me abruptly. His eyes are blazing, with fury and fear. "What did you just say?"

"I-I said... nothing. Forget that, I was just being stupid." I mumble audibly.

Oh god I'm idiot.

Claiming about not being dead is not a metaphor I should have used with him. That is his absolute nightmare, with his disorder he is more terrified of the fact than any normal people would.

He returns his attention back to road, his hand tightening around steering wheel.

I know I probably shouldn't pick this topic but he is already pissed and he couldn't get more angry, right? If I didn't say it now I would lose my courage and this is important.

"Romero, I need to talk to you about something."

"Then talk." He speaks numbly.

"Look, I know you probably don't wa

g about you. Don't ever say that you are not good enough for me. You are perfect for me Rom, you are my other half." My lips quivers at the end.

"I love you too baby, so much that it hurts to feel this much."

I know what he means.

I feel the same.

If only I could bind the love we are feeling any how.

My brain goes back to the ring I bought today. I sit up and search for my bag.

"What are you looking for?"

"My bag." I reply still glancing around.

"It's here." He puts it on my lap.

"I have something for you." I start, reaching for the ring.


"You would probably think it's silly but I have always wanted them."

"Just show me the damn thing."

I open my fist containing rings and show them to him. He is silent for few moment, just stares the rings and I start to become nervous.

"I knew you wouldn't like it. Don't worry you don't have to wear it. I just liked it-"

"Stop talking."

"Excuse me?"

Picking the female ring he slides it in my right hand and other one in his own, "Hmm. It is good fill-in until I get to replace it with real ones."

"Real ones?" I frown but happy that he has worn them.

"Our wedding ring, of course." He speaks so casually, as if it's piece of cake.

Holy shit.

Our wedding?

No, no! I can't think about that now.

"Do you like it?" I quickly change the subject.

He gives me look that tells me he knows what I am doing. "Like it? Hell, I want nothing more than binding you to me and this ring seems like a pretty good start."

Of course, he would think that.

It's my Romero after all.

Always possessive.

I'm just happy we are going to sleep peacefully after all the hell happened today.

* * * * *

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