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   Chapter 117 One hundred seventeen

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"All old books are arranged in alphabetical order, Mr. Jacob." I inform him, setting last book of series.

"Ah, good thing you did it, I was thinking of doing it myself." He mutters distractedly.

I wonder what is bothering him. I know, I should not pry but helpless against my habit when it comes to him, I wander up to him.

"Where is Eveline?" I ask him.

He looks up from his book, "She went her home."

"Oh, when is she coming back?"

"I don't know." He replies, frustrated.

So its her absence bothering him this much. I should have known Eveline is the only who could bring turmoil of emotions in him.

"I had this talk with her other day." I pause purposely.

His brows rise, just tiny bit, "What about?"

"About your marriage, of course." I answer nonchalantly.

"My what?" He sputters, eyes widening fractionally.

I roll my eyes, "I heard you talking with that jeweler."

It's amusing to see him embarrassed. I would have never thought I would see this day. Oh Eveline what you do to Mr. Jacob.

"Er.. what did she say?"

"About what?" I pretend to not know.

This time it's him rolling his eyes, having caught I'm messing with him, "About my marriage, of course." He mimics my word.

I take a minute long to answer him, just enough to frustrate him further. "She thinks she is too old to marry now."

He deflates like balloon, line forming on his face "Oh."

"But, " he perks up, only slightly. I wouldn't notice if I were not watching him closely, "She said, she'd say yes if you asked her."

"She did?" He strangles out, clearly surprised.

"Yes. So Mr. Jacob, I'd say don't waste more time and just pop the question already. It's not everyone who are lucky enough to get their second chance."

He is silent for few moments, probably planning how to propose but then he sighs, "I was not lucky, child. It was you who made our second chance possible."

Did I?

I don't think so.

"No, Mr. Jacob, it was in your destiny to have it. I was just a medium to complete it."

I have always believed everything happens for a reason because my mom taught me so. When my family died I lost my hope in God but only till I didn't understand how life works. Once I did, I kept my mother's word with me.

"Probably, you are right but not entirely." He says solemnly.

I shrug, "Maybe."

He is lost in his mind while I gather the scattered book in piles. I glance at the clock to see it's six thirty. Today I had decided to arrange the old books and I knew it would take some time so I told Romero to come by seven pm but I've completed my work early by thirty minutes.

"You can leave now. Leave the rest of it, I'd do it later." Mr. Jacob's voice comes from his desk.

I look at the books left, only few are by next table. "But there is-"

"No buts. I said I'll do it. I have lot in

en is cut off by commotion around us.

Within a blink, Ben and both men are under gunpoint by three person dressed like some bodyguard.

"What the fuck?" John shouts.

"We didn't do anything wrong!" Cries other.

The gun pointers ignore them, the fourth bodyguard looking guy approaches me. "Miss. Ray, are you okay?"

Shocked, I stumble back, "Who are you?"

"We work for Mr. King."


I slump against the wall.

Oh thank God.

"Please let me take you back." The fourth urges me.

I nod but stop when the three of Rom's men start dragging their hostage.

"No wait!"


"Let Ben go. He was just helping me." I point toward Ben who is watching everything in astonishment.

"Leave him." When Ben is free he looks at me, as if asking I'm okay. I give him small smile. He nods and disappears in darkness.

The other two are tugged away somewhere as I'm escorted back to library. It takes me few minutes to calm my pacing heart. I'm still rattled by the events but I'm coherent now.

"What are you going to do with those two?"

"Interrogation." Is the vague response.

"Do you follow me everywhere?"


"Oh. What's your name?"


"Alright Mike, are you going to tell Romero about this?"


"I think you should not."


Is it some kind of habit to keep the answer just one word?

"His reaction wouldn't be so pleasant."

Oh he'd be so angry, even at me for being so careless.

"I'm aware of that."

More than a word but still vague.

"But you will still tell him, won't you?"

I think I saw a hint of smile. "It's my job, Miss."

I huff in exasperation.

We reach library just in time to see Romero's car pull up. He gets out looking serene and calm, that is until he catches the sight of me walking with Mike.

His face changes in flash, it turns unreadable and eyes icy.

Dear lord.

* * * * *

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