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   Chapter 116 One hundred sixteen

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The asshole sitting opposite me is really trying me patience. I so badly want to wipe that smirk off his face. Every time he calls my Ray, baby girl, my fists itch to break free and when the fucker says 'love you', all I want to bash his pretty face on the table and hear the crack of his bones with satisfaction.

But I promised my girl I would behave. That sounds easier than done.

The fucker is riling me, I know that much but it's fucking hard to not just let it out on him. I have to control knowing how badly Ray wants me to get along with her family. I know by this she is also trying to have me feel the sense of family that she thinks I need.


For almost fifteen years I'm by my own. I never needed family, not since my bitch of mother left my dad. I don't even remember any happy time before Ray, it has been that long. All I need is my Ray, she is everything.

The fear of losing her keeps coming back, it chokes me until I can't breath. After spending a lifetime without something to lose, I know I won't survive losing her. Losing her means losing myself back to the same pitch of darkness she dragged me from and this time I won't be able to come out unscathed.

I never believed in God but ever since she came in life, I often find myself praying to whoever is looking from above that she won't leave me.

She has every reason to shrug off the fucked up mess like me. So many fuckers would come forward for an Angel like her and that thought itself makes me want to bare my teeth and tear off anyone daring to look at her.

The irrational part of me wants to lock her up in a highest tower where no one could find her but she is a sun, my sun, even from there she'd burn brighter than ever. Sometimes I fear if my darkness would absorb all of her light leaving her just a shell of former but then she smiles and I realise she is an infinite source of warmth, the more I take the more she gives.

Her laugh reaches straight to my soul, making it lighter. I glance toward the sound, she is laughing at something the other girl, Bella, said. They are helping her grandmother to arrange dinner behind kitchen shelf. Her laughter lightens my dark world filled with negative voices. I can't help but stare at her laughing face, she is always beautiful but when she laughs beautiful seems a very small word to describe. My lips itself curl into a smile as my eyes read the lines appeared on her face.

"She is beautiful, isn't she?"

My smile disappears, the fucker has said that. I turn to face that asshole and give him an icy smile, "She is and she is all mine."

He stares back, unaffected, "For how long? Until you get bore of her and want another?"

The words sound like a trap I have no intention falling in. "There is no another for me."

His piercing eyes deepen, trying to read me but his attempt would feud. The barrier, I've stood around me is impenetrable. The only person to go through them is Ray. He can try all he wants but he won't be getting anything from it.

He sighs, accepting his failure, "Ira wants us to get along."

I eye him blankly. "Yet you keep provoking me, fuckhead."

"Been called worse, asshole. And I'm trying to figure what my girl sees in you."

I hold back growl threatening to rip out. "One, she is my girl. Two, you're doing shit job in figuring me out."

The fucker glares, "Heard lot about your temper, just wanted to make sure you don't lose where she is concerned."

"You think I would hurt her?" My tone drops to ice.

If he says yes, then I don't know what the fuck I would do to him.

"No. I think you'd die before hurting her physically."

A breath I didn't know I was holding escapes.

"But you could, emotionally that is." He continues giving me a pointed look.

I don't want to explain myself but I know he is important to Ray. And I realise she is important to him as well, he loves her too, just not in the way I do. He is looking out for her, instead of being angry, I feel grateful to him for lo

walk toward bathroom Bella has shown me earlier. Doing my deeds I come out.

I freeze when I feel someone following me. I swing around only to come to face with my childhood's nightmare.


"Hey Akira." He grins, nearing me.

He has changed since last time I saw him. With brown hair, green eyes, and well built body one could find him attractive I guess but not me. I know his true nature, he is a bully.


"How are you?"

"Good." I shrug.

"I never got chance to apologize, you know."

"For what exactly?"

He has done so many bad things in past.

"For all those years I bullied you, I was young and brat, I'm sorry. I also threw myself on you last years graduation party, I'm really sorry for that." He looks sincere but I can't be sure, he is great actor.

"It's okay. I've moved on from that."

"Oh. Are you here alone?"

I shake my head, "No, I'm with my boyfriend. Logan and Bella are here too."

I think I saw something flash in his eyes at the mention of Romero, "If you don't mind, may I escort you back?" He asks abruptly.

Taken aback I fumble, "Yeah, okay."

He comes closer and his scent hits my nose, it smells familiar, I've smelled it before but I couldn't recall where. Must be someone else, shrugging it off, we stroll silently.

Romero is the first one to locate me, his eyes burn when he notice Eric with me. Almost instantly he snatches me to his side.

Bella gasps in outrage, "What the hell are you doing here?"

Logan glares him as well.

Eric smirks, and I thought he really has changed, "Not a good way to treat your brother Bell. I was just escorting Akira back. Isn't it true babe?"

Romero stills.

Oh no.

"Oh yes." I hurry out, hoping he'd just disappear.

If only Romero found he was the one who stole my first kiss, I shudder inwardly.

"By the way you look gorgeous as always, Akira. I missed having you around, babe." He winks.

And Romero has had enough.

He steps forward and look down to Eric with chilling calmness, "Call her gorgeous or babe again, I dare you."

Eric, coward as always backs up, raising his hand in surrender, "Chill man, I was just-"

"Fuck off." Logan growls.

Eric looks at me one last time before sauntering off.

Bella gives me an apologetic glance, "I'm sorry about him. I didn't know he'd be here. He is really an asshole."

Don't I know that already.

Rom eyes me, "Are you okay?"

I nod, "Yes. He is Bella's brother, nothing harmless." I assure him.

"I will see him to that." He grits out, taking my hand.

"Come on guys, lets go." Logan calls pacing ahead.

We follow him, it has been a wonderful day, leaving the last part.

* * * * *

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