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   Chapter 115 One hundred fifteen

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"So you are the boyfriend huh?" Grandma starts after we are settled comfortably.

I look down to my plate filled with my favourite pies and decide to not interrupt. I know grandma is going to grill him as she heeds necessary and I'm sure Romero would be okay, beside I'll get my revenge for embarrassing me all the time.

"Yes mam, I am."

"Do you love her?" My, is she blunt.

I feel his gaze on me but I keep mine on my plate, "Love can be found and lost again. What I feel for your granddaughter is irreplaceable. I won't survive without her."

Jesus Romero.

He is trying to kill me. Those words, God they are going to be my undoing.

Breathless, my heart forces me to look up. His eyes are already on me, saying everything with those two orbs. I stare back silently telling him I feel the same. I won't survive without him either.

The fact that my grandma is watching our expressions doesn't escape me.

She clears he throat, breaking our moment, "Good. Do you have any questionable habit? Like alcohol, smoking or drugs?"

He doesn't even bat an eyes when he answers her, "Sometimes I indulge into drinking and smoking. I only use drugs in medical terms."

I can tell she doesn't like or dislike his answer and nods. "Appreciate your honesty young man."

"You're important to my Ray, I won't give you anything less."

"Do you think you deserve my little girl?"

His jaw hardens, I bow my head down, "No mam. I know I don't deserve her but I'm trying to be the man she deserves."

But he deserves me and more.

They are talking about me as though I'm invisible and truth to be told I'm enjoying listening them talk without paying me attention.

"Yes, my child deserves the best. What do you plan to do after college?"

"I will take over my company after graduation."

"Oh, what about your parents?"

Oh no.

"Grandma-" I go to interrupt but Rom doesn't let me.

"My parents are dead." He provides without empathy.

But his mother is alive. He can't just claim her to be dead. It's wrong even if she is worst mother ever. Biting the inside of cheeks I somehow manage to keep quiet. I will talk to him about it later.

"I'm sorry for your loss." Grandma apologies, genuinely horrified for be

owed by his girlfriend.

Grandma mutter something about Logan not leaving any for dinner, she shouts and goes behind them.

"Ira, it's almost dinner time. Bring your boyfriend and yourself to the table." She calls out behind her.

Left alone, I turn to my brooding boyfriend, "Rom, you promised."

"I'm keeping it well, aren't I?" He snaps.

"But you..." I trail off, knowing he is right. He has not done anything, yet.

He sighs, "Ray, I'm trying really hard here to not go and break his smirking face. Look, I won't tell you who to be friends with because I know you won't listen to me anyway. But that fucker has his hands on you-"

I frown, "He is like brother-"

He continues as if I haven't spoken, "Yes, I know he is like brother to you and perhaps you are like a sister to him but I get insanely jealous when some other males touches you. And I feel a murderous urge to beat the shit of that fucker. So please try to maintain some distance from these fuckers unless you want me give in to my urge."

Oh hell.

"I promise to try." I quickly give him the words for the peace of his mind and mine as well.

"Good." He exhales in relief.

"And you won't add Logan in your list of fuckers." I add further.

"We will see about that." He is smirking now.

Fine, for now.

"Lets go before grandma starts shouti-"

"Akira Ray!"

I cringe at the loud voice.

Rom chuckles, "Come on." He starts leading me.

I have a feeling it's going to be a long dinner.

* * * * *

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