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   Chapter 114 One hundred fourteen

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On reaching the front door I ring the bell. Its late evening, grandma must be preparing dinner. As we wait I wring my hands nervously. Romero notices and nudges me from side.

"Are you nervous?"

"Of course I am." I mutter keeping my eyes on door.


I have to roll my eyes at this, "Well maybe because I am here with you and it's not often I bring a guy home."

"Then you should be thankful."



"Because then you would be more worried about what I'm going to do to those guys you brought home."

Bloody caveman.

I would have smiled if not for the fact I'm going to face my grandma.

"Hey, look at me." He orders softly, taking my hands and turns me look at him.

I stare in his deep grey eyes which are softened considerably. "Don't be so nervous. I've got you and I promise to behave myself."

I give him a look that says 'Why don't I believe you?'.

He amends himself, "I mean I'll try to."

That's more like it.

I sigh, at least he is agreeing to try.

He raises his hand and using his thumb he releases my bottom lip from teeth that I haven't realised I've been biting rather cruelly.

"These are my lips. Only I get to bite them." He almost purrs seductively.

Oh yes. He definitely likes to bite them.

I scowl, "They are mine. I just let you have some access to them."

He grins and I almost forget to breath as his dimples pop up. He knows exactly what his smile does to me and he never fails to use them for

es of them and follow her inside. I glance to Romero only to find him looking around fascinatingly. Our home is small but cozy. It smells of warmness and comfort. He is taking everything in with an open expression, I can read the intrigue and amazement clear on his face.

I look back to grandma, "Then I'm pretty sure Logan has already stolen half of them."

"Why, of course he tried but I didn't let him touch a single piece. I've made them specially for you and only you get to aside who can have them."

"Oh grandma, you are best."

Romero suddenly comes beside me, I blink up in surprise. He bents down and murmurs in my ear, "You will let me have your pie, won't you?"

I turn crimson, damn him. "Prevert."

His brow rises up in innocence, "Because I'm asking for apple pies? Why, Ray, you have a very dirty mind."

My jaws drop open.

My mind is dirty?


Giving him a stink eye, I stomp forward to living room, hearing his amused chuckle from behind.


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