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   Chapter 113 One hundred thirteen

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I look around the basement where all his cars are parked and wonder aloud, "Just how many cars you own?"

Romero gives me a side glance and shrugs, "Five. Why?"

"And why do you need five cars?"

He leads me toward a black Audi and opens door for me, "I like them."

Really now?

"So you bought them?" I can't hide my disbelief in my voice.

He moves to other side and slides in his seat, "Pretty much."

"Wow. You must be really rich." I wonder just how many things he owns. Because everywhere he takes me he either owns them or has invested in them.

Sometimes I feel intimidated by all the money and power he access. We are like world apart when we compare from this angle, heck I think we are polar opposite of each other from every angle. I would have never guessed I would fall this hard for someone like him. If it were few months ago I would have laughed at how absurd it sounded.

I still remember the first time I saw him, I was dumbfounded by his beauty. I had immediately made my mind that he was so out of my league. Then love casted its spell and I became spellbound, and after so many useless attempts I had to surrender against it. And I don't regret it and I don't think I ever will.

"Why, that's one of my assets you love." Romero smirks teasingly as he starts driving.

Playing along, I gasp in mock horror, "Busted! How did you guess I'm with you only for your money?"

"Yeah? What about my other asset that won't let you sleep at nights?" He raises a brow.


My face reddens at the implication. I clear my throat uncomfortably, "And that too."

Romero notices my face and lets out a laugh, "You are adorable when you're embarrassed, did you know that?"

Oh how I would like to embarrass him so I could tease him back but boy, this guy doesn't get embarrassed easily. He always has a quick retort ready for my every try.

"You never fail to remind me of that." I grumble and turn to look outside window.

This past week has been bliss. No complication occurred and I loved my every minute with him. Other than that I also enjoyed the bickering of Mr. Jacob and Eveline. Since Mr. Jacob lives in the apartment attached to library, I get to witness it more often.

They act like married couple and no one could

living without heart. I don't think that's possible.

"And would it matter if he didn't like me?"

"Yes it would. It would hurt him because I will never leave you even if he didn't like you. But he is like a brother to me, he has always been protective of me. I want him to see we are really good together so he would stop worrying about me. He thinks I'm just infatuated with you. I want to prove him wrong but also gain his approval. He is a great guy and if you give him a chance I'm sure you would get along just fine." I almost plea through my words.

He seems to like my answer and awards me a nod, "I guess I could try for you."

That's is more than okay coming from him.

"And Ray?"


"They are not your only family. You have me and you will always have me."

Oh Romero.

I love him so much and I love attentively he listens to each of my word.

"And you have me." I reply hoarsely.

Damn he makes me so emotional.

Taking a deep breath I look back outside to find we are almost there. It is a journey pleasant enough, not too far just adequate. We have been driving a little over an hour and now Kent is just few miles away. Excitement chills my bone with liveliness. I can't wait to see them again.

A few minutes later he stops the car outside my home and I'm not even surprise he didn't ask the exact address. I was pretty sure he already knew. Like he know everything else about me.

"Home sweet home." I sing just before climbing out of car.

Let's get it begin.

* * * * *

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