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   Chapter 112 Ome hundred twelve

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I wake up feeling his hair brushing my shoulder and warm lips on my neck. I am in bed. He has spooned me from behind. I try to roll around, his grip on waist tightens before allowing me turn and face him.

I don't remember much of the fact how I got here. Though I recall him untying me and wrapping my body with a gym towel before carrying me to his bathroom. I also remember the bit of him bathing and washing me tenderly. I recall the sting of cream on my bruised wrists and the pained expression of his face as he rained kisses all over my face and wrist.

He had murmured he was sorry when he applied the bandage over them. I was too exhausted to tell him I'm not sorry, that I loved every minute, including pleasure and pain. I just dozed off loving the sensation of being pampered by the love of life.

I can't tell what time it is but it's dark in here, the curtains are closed and lights are off. I have always feared darkness, it reminded me of that dark night but with Romero being here I am not scared at all.

"Ray." His raspy voice bring my attention back to him. Even in dark I can make his beautiful face.

"Romero." I sigh absorbing the tingle of his body touching mine and acknowledge the soreness between my legs.

"I hurt you." His anguish whisper almost tears me. He blames him for claiming me. It was a dark possession I never knew I wanted, yearned.

In dark I reach for face and hold it firmly, "I wanted it and I loved it."

I will repeat it again and against until he believes them. It is not his fault for wanting me too much. The need we have is filled in our veins and runs with our blood.

I feel him shake his head, "I lost my control with you, Ray. Christ! There is bruises on your wrists. I will never forgive myself for this."

"Romero stop. You warned me but I still pushed you. I wanted you to loose your control with me. I wanted to take everything from you and it was beautiful. I will do it again if I have to, so don't you dare to call it a mistake."

He releases a harsh breath, "I can't stop myself with you. I don't think anything else when I'm with you. All those voices screaming in my head stop in your presence. Your being near me soothe my demons in ways nothing did before. I can't tell you how grateful I am that you are still in my life. I thought-"

"You thought I would leave you. Tell me would you leave me if our positions were reverse?"

He growls, "Fuck no! There is nothing that could make me leave you. Not a thing."

"Then why is it hard to believe I will do same for you? I love you, don't you trust my words?"

"Of course I trust you. I have done terrible things, Ray, unspeakable deeds. It's just... it feels unbelievable that someone like you could love a monster like me." His voice is gruff and tortured.

Oh Romero!

My heart aches at how vulnerable and lonely he sounds. He really doesn't know his worth. God knows he is worth everything in this worthless world.

"Oh baby, you are just a man who made mistakes, but then everyone makes them. It doesn't make you monster and even if you were one, you'd be my monster whom I'm completely in love with."

"God, I love you so much."

I smile. It feels like eternity since I last heard him say that. I never realised it till now how badly I need to hear it. I almost crave for it. His declaration of love gives me the courage to face ev

e. It's best goddamn gift I've ever received. I'm going to hang it here, so I could see it second thing every morning."

Thank goodness.

I thought he didn't like it. It would have been so embarrassing if he did not. I should have known it better to even doubt him. It's my Romero, he loves everything regarding me, even my flaws

Wait a minute.

"Why second? Why not first?"

Carefully setting the portrait aside, he gazes back to me, his eyes bores in my face, "Because Darling, your face is the first thing I always want to see after opening my eyes."

And I melt like ice under his burning eyes.

Oh Romero.

I love when he is like this, so open.

A thought strikes me. He is in good mood. Now would be perfect time to talk about it. I just hope he'd listen me and understand it.

"Rom, I need to talk about something."


"First promise me you won't get angry."

He eyes me warily, "I will try not to."

That's enough, I think.

I lick my lips, "The drugs you use is very toxic for your body. I think you should consider therapy. I searched about it, there are so many level of therapy available for it, they are harmless and much more effective."

Light in his eye dims and I realise he is not happy, "I will say it one time so listen to me carefully, I don't need a fucking shrink. I am dealing with it just fine. I don't want you interfering in it and I don't want to talk about it again." His tone hard and finalising.

"But atleast-"

"Enough. I said I don't want to talk about it. End of." He snaps rudely, but I could tell he is holding himself his back.

I don't like it but his rising temper and diminishing light of his eyes alarms me to not push him. He is coming out of an episode and Slade has warned me to not push him when he is like this. I decide to drop it, for now but I'm not giving it up. No chance in hell.

I sigh deeply and just on cue my stomach growls loudly. I blush in embarrassment.

Romero glances at my belly, grey orbs sparkle in amusement. Throwing his legs down, he stands up and picks me up like I weigh nothing, "Lets get you feed up."

I want nothing more at the moment but I still exclaim, "How about lets dress up first?"

He chuckles, "Good idea."


* * * * *

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