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   Chapter 111 One hundred eleven

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His eyes wild, hands clenched by his side and his nostrils flare as he approaches me silently.

"Romero." My fingers dig deep in my skin to keep myself from touching him.

His intake of harsh breath and rapid fall down of his chest shows he is effected by my voice. He is trying, oh how hard he is trying to shove it back in the corner.

But my Romero is still here.

He is pushed behind the cellar of insecurities and the restlessness in his mind. I need to call out for him, I need to find him.

"What are you doing here?" He asks, his voice deadly even.

"Finding you." I speak softly as though trying to sooth him.

He is lost.

Somewhere inside his own messed up mind.

"I'm not fit for company."

"Fine by me." I shake my head.

His eyes harden, the only hint of emotion I see, "You need to leave. I don't want you here."



That's the perfect blow but not enough to deter me.

"Well, I want to be here. So I'm not going anywhere." I lift my chin defiantly.

His lips curl into mocking smile, "Of course you are not. Seeing you never listen to me."

"How are you?" I wonder my eyes over his body. He is shirtless, wearing just his faded jeans and covered in sweat from top to bottom.

Has he been here whole time?

His eyes flash coldly, "I'm not good. I need to fuck, to get it out of my system but because of you I can't even use any whores to fuck."

I stifle a gasp at his blunt words.

Oh God, no!

That's too much to take. I can't, not this.

The thought of him going around to find someone to release his tension is not something I want to indulge in. But still the realisation that even in his black mood he wouldn't betray me or our love like that hits me all the same. Like a kick in my gut.

"Then fuck me. Use me." Tears shimmer in my eyes, burning them.

Jesus! It's hard to see him so cold, unfeeling and yet so tortured.

"Not you, Goddammit!" He barks, his temper rising by fraction, his control slipping.

"You would rather fuck someone else but not me?" Oh baby.

He is willing to unleash his demons on anyone who is not me. He thinks I'm too fragile to take him. He thinks I'd hate him for using me.

"I'm telling you to leave now, Ray. I don't want to hurt you."

I cover the distance, "You could never hurt me, not even if you wanted to."

Romero laughs, a bitter, cold laugh, "You would know that, wouldn't you, miss-I-know-everything? Or should I say miss-perfect?"

There it is, the monster, the insecurity.

He is trying to push me away and I know better than to fall in his trap. I won't let him go further away from me. I will bring him back, even if I have to drag him out.

"You think you can scare me off? You think I'd get scared by your disorder, don't you?" I whisper.

He doesn't blink and stares me warily.

I lean forward until we are inches apart, "But you should know, I don't get scared easily. So you can try all you want, you can't push me away."

"Don't." He grits.

His control is slipping further, I see it through him.

"Don't what? Don't tell you I'm crazy about you? Don't tell you your disorder doesn't lessen the love I feel for you? Don't tell you I'm totally, madly, and irrevocably in love with you."

He grasp my arm in tight grip, "Get the fuck out of here! I don't want you. I don't need you."


"But I need you. I want you. Doesn't it count for anything?"


"No Rom, I won't

im. Lazily he caress my core with his thumb. oh I'm so wet, almost dripping with the need of him.

"Oh." I moan feeling his tongue thrusting inside me.

He plunges it in and out, continuously, slow and hard. It leaves me quivering, wanting, needing. He knows where to push, how much pressure and just where to touch me.

"Oh god!" My first orgasm hits me hard, I thrash as I let go the release.

He doesn't stop there, he pushes his two fingers inside me, grinding and rocking me. He trails his lips all the way up to my breast, taking my nipple in his mouth, sucking, biting and pinching it while his other hand playing with my core.


I so badly want to open my eyes and look at him. I want to break free the hold and cling to him but I stay as he has demanded. He needs it.

Leaving my breast satisfied, Rom nuzzles in between my neck and groans as his hard part replaces his fingers.

"Fuck!" Growling he slams himself inside me. My knees weaken and body trembles. He doesn't wait and starts pounding me.

Oh God.

"Rom." I cry out when he hits a certain point making me shake with pleasure. It feels good, so right with him. Its like he knows my body more than me.

"So fucking tight." He keeps thrusting into me roughly. His hands grips around my hip and he lifts me, leading my leg to encircle his waist as he increases the pace. His featherlight touch on my sex area is driving me mad.

"Romero." I scream when the most intense orgasm of my life hit me, knocking me breathless.

He speeds up, his thrust more urgent, more desperate and his hold more possessive. The wall of my core tighten around him, he growls in pleasure, his hip grounding deep into me. I cry out in pain, pleasure.

"Ray!" With a shout of my mame he releases into me, breathing fast. The sensation is devastating, being filled so completely. I feel all his pent up emotions through his release.

I heave out a breath, our hearts pounding against our bodies and both of us holding each other with the need of connection.

"I love you." I murmur softly in his ear and feel him jerk inside me.

"We are not done yet. Not even close." He speaks darkly before starting once again. "I'm going to bruise you, Ray. I can't stop, not now."

Wanting nothing else, I surrender to him.

* * * * *

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