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   Chapter 110 One hundred ten

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As the morning arrives and my body comes to live, I feel it. It is strong and unbearable to take in. It is the feeling of his absence. Before I even open my eyes I know he is not here. The cold sensation is enough for the message.

Romero is gone.

I sit up in flash when the fact finally registered to be true. The space beside me is empty and there is no trace of him in the room. It is as though he has never been here but I know better because I have felt him close to me almost entire night.

When did he leave?

And why didn't he wake me?

Why did he leave me here? Alone?

After last night I don't know where his mind is or what is he thinking. I don't even know if he is still under influence of his episode or that drug.

Quickly reaching for my phone, I dial Slade's number. He picks up in second ring.

'Is King okay?' He questions without missing a beat.

"He is gone." I swallow the bad taste that sentence left for me.

'I'll be there in a moment.' He hangs up.

Wriggling out of comfort I get out of the bed and exit the bedroom to the main room that is still wrecked from last night.

The glass table is broken in too many peaces to count, the others are also smashed apart. Everything is mess. It looks like it has been hit from a storm, hell even storm would show a bit more mercy but not him.

Not my Romero.

The next second Slade barges in looking as pitiful I feel. There is eye bags under his eyes as though he hasn't slept a wink. The loyalty he shows for my boyfriend is astounding.

"Where is he gone? Did you see him leave?" He demands.

If I knew or saw I would be with him already.

"I don't know. I woke up to find him gone." I press a hand to my head as it starts throbbing.

"He might have left for his condo." He sighs.

"Really? Could you take me to him?" I ask hopefully.

Shaking his head, he mutters, "I don't think it's good idea. If he left this urgently then he is probably avoiding you."

That hurts.

The thought of him avoiding me is like piercing to my heart.

I want to rub my hand over my heart to reduce th

ur job. I shouldn't have called you jerk, I was angry. Though that's not an excuse but I'm sorry."

Paul butts in, "Go back to your duty and do not let it happen again."

Nodding vigorously he disappears behind his desk.

"Paul, is Romero here?" I come to the point.

"Yes he is here for almost one hour but he is not himself. He is er.." his hesitation tells me he is not sure whether to reveal it or not.

"Having an episode." I complete for him.

His eyes widen slightly, "You know?"

"Yes I know and I would really appreciate if you could take me to him."

"Yes of course Miss Ray."

We take the private elevator and with a ping it shifts us to the top apartment. I wait as he press the code and metal door brisk opens.

"Where is he?"


I almost break down into run by the time I reach that particular room he is in.

I gasp when I see him standing by the punching bag, throwing punches rapidly like a machine. Sweat is dripping down his body but he is unaware of it, his only concentration is kicking the imaginary opponent at the right place.

"Romero." I breath out.

He stops abruptly and swings his head in my direction. His eyes are still black and instead of warmth I'm used to seeing in them, they are cold, dead.

And I realise, no amount of warning or self speech could have prepared me for the glare he is giving me.

Not the King I know.

* * * * *

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