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   Chapter 109 One hundred nine

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I still have no control over my body when Slade emerges from room, only to go back with another syringe in his hand.

What's going on?

I look around the room to see it almost empty. I don't know where Syd, Grace, Alice and others are, and that moment I truly don't care. The only thing on my mind is my boyfriend.

Oh God!

My heart tightens as his earlier expression flashes behind my eyes. The cool black orbs were nothing sort of looks I have witnessed before. It was chillingly dark and if I were to honest it scared me too, even just for a moment before I realised its my Romero. The fear faded then, leaving confusion, and worry for him.

A few minutes later everyone apart from Romero exits, closing the door behind them. Slade sees me standing there and his expression changes to frustrated one. He doesn't want me here. I get it but that definitely doesn't mean he is getting what he wants.

"What happened to him?" I ask, not recognize my own voice, it sounded distant and cool, even to me.

Showing his displeasure he sighs, "That's not my business to-"

"Tell me, dammit!" I bellow loudly, not in the mood of his crap.

He stays silent and my patience wears out, "Please Slade, I need to know. I don't know what but I know something has happened to him. He looked so different as though he was not my Romero. I love him, I need to understand him, all of him, please." I beg him, tearing up.

He gives a pointed nod to Luke and Lucas, indicating them to leave us alone before settling on a chair, "He is having an episode."


I have heard of it before. I remember Slade warning Romero about it from the last time I was hiding in Alice's room.

"What kind of episode?"

Inhaling a breath he motions toward couch, "If you are going to know everything, you might as well take a seat."

Drained out of all energy to argue I silently sit down and look back to him.

"King has a disorder. It's BPD, bipolar personality disorder. It's genetic, his father too suffered from it until he was unable to handle it and took his own life."

I gasp. His father killed himself in it's influence?

"Yes. His mother's leaving was just a trigger to do that."

"Is Romero also- also-?" I break out unable to complete the thought.


The word I can't even speak aloud.

Slade shakes his sympathetically, as if he know what I'm thinking, "I don't think so. As far as I know he has never tried to harm himself intentionally. Sometimes when the 'voices in his head' as he likes to call it, gets too much he tries to numb it, in any way he can."

I swallow, what does he mean by any way?

"What triggered him today?"

He was absolutely fine when I left for washroom.

What could happen in matter of minutes?

Slade eyes me accusingly, "A stupid asshole made some comment about you. Hearing that asshole laugh at your expense was more than what King had bargain

How he is always afraid I will leave him and how quickly his mood changes. He does many things impulsively and the voices in his head.

The only things worrying me is the point indicating self harm.

I hope to god he never feels that way.

It will kill me.

If those drug are dangerous for him then any how I will have to persuade him for therapy.

I won't let him continue to endanger himself like this.

He doesn't get to be reckless when it comes to his health.

He is mine too.

I get up and instead of going other room I walk toward master bedroom where he is in and slip inside.

I don't care if he doesn't want me to see him like this. I need to see him, to feel him.

My heartbeat increases when I reach near bed. The bed dips as I slowly climb up beside him.

My fallen angel, unbelievably beautiful.

He looks so peaceful lying there, with no worry of word.

Does he really fear I will think less of him? I'm crazy about this man. I ache for him, everywhere. I just want to eat him up and do things I've never wanted to do with anyone before.

I want to wake him up, and tell him I want him, all of him. I want to relieve him of all his concern.

I love you, Rom.

I caress him with my eyes. His eyes are closed, his beautiful lashes fanning against his cheekbones. His jaws square, even at rest.

"You're so beautiful, Rom."

I will never leave you, baby. Never.

I run my finger in his hair and lean down to kiss his forehead.

He groans, making me still.

Please don't wake up.

I hold my breathing when I feel him reach out for me. Putting an arm around me, he pulls me against him.

I huff as I land on him.

Shoving hairs away from my neck, he hides his face in there and mutters something. Something that causes a leap in my heart.

"Don't let go of me, Ray."

And last thing I know I'm smiling when sleep lures me in.

Unknown to the test life has just set for us.

* * * * *

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