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   Chapter 108 One hundred eight

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Romero doesn't shift his eyes as he speaks softly, "You look beautiful, Ray."

That's the first thing he has to say?

I glance down at my baby blue color dress that is matching my eyes and blush, "Thank you, but say something else. Everyone is waiting."

He roams his eyes all over me with heat palpable and shrugs, "Let them wait. For now I just want to keep looking at you. Tell me are you my birthday present? I can hardly wait to peal off this clothe from your body."

Slade, beside us coughs, indicating he has heard our conversation.

Mortified, I give Rom a stink eye, "You are incorrigible." I whisper.

He just smirks and sneaks his arm around my waist, pulling me against him. And finally he access our audience with a nod, "Enjoy yourselves."

Slade comes forward and slaps Romero on his back, muttering, "Happy Birthday, man." Before he disappears somewhere with a tall red haired girl.

Music starts booming causing few people to break into dancing. The crowd disperse almost instantly allowing Romero to pass with me. Many others come to us and greet Romero for his birthday, telling him what a great party it is.

"Do you like it?" I question.

"Yeah but I like you all more." He smiles in amusement when he notices the redness of my face.


Stopping, I spin around and grin widely when I find it's Alice and Theodore. Alice looks simply stunning in her purple dress showing large part of her tattoos, Theodore on the hand looks like he'd be anywhere but here.

As they approach us I whisper to man beside me, "Rom, they are my friends. Alice and Theodore."

"Happy birthday King. It's so nice to meet you." Alice practically squeals. Which is so not like her but I guess everyone's attitude changes when they meet my boyfriend.

Since King is busy in his glaring match with Theo, he doesn't even respond her. Theo seems confused at the hostility he is getting but returns it nonetheless.

I share a look with Alice, she gives me a nod and intervenes. "Hey Theo."

Theodore immediately looks at her with concern, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, I just need something to drink." She puts a show of touching her throat.

"Come with me." Theo orders her before briskly sweeping her away. Just as they disappear in a room Alice gives me a backward glance and winks.

The very next moment Romero growls, "With cafe fucker gone, I thought I only had two fuckers to worry about. And now add this tattoo fucker in it. You never told me about him."

If I was not irritated by his behavior I would have laughed. But I am irrigated and I'm trying to not show it since its his birthday today but by god he is making it so hard.

"I know one is Davies but who is other one?" I ask instead, feeling so glad Dev is not here or else his name would have also raised my boyfriends irrationality.

He narrows his eyes, "Motherfucker, that art professor of yours."

My mouth drops open, "He is my teacher. You can't be serious about him."

He glares in return, "I saw it in his eyes, Ray and I'm not letting that pass."

I close my eyes and c

d others, reject. I was still hoping one day he would see how how perfectly we fit and we will become a perfect couple. Then you came along."

She lifts her eyes, the amount of hatred I see there stills me.

"The perfect example of good girls he never tolerated. And before I even had chance to prepare, he fell for you. He became everything I wanted but he is yours. I hate you for taking him away from me." Her lips curl up in snarl.

Holy hell!

This girl is manic.

I peer in her eyes, "You are delusion. He was never yours. He has always been mine, and mine only."

I turn and walk out, feeling pity for her. There is no one else to blame for actions. She choose to give up her dignity, she choose to continue to believe in her own lies, and she choose to live in fantasies. She deserves only my pity and if more my sympathy.

I stop walking as I notice the commotion in front of me. The music has stopped and people are running all over room. I jump when a loud sound echoes the room.

What the hell is going on?

With my heart pounding I run toward to sound and halt abruptly. Whole room I was just sitting few minutes before is destroyed and in middle of mess is my boyfriend, fighting off Lucas and Luke to reach for the guy who is barely breathing.


What has happened?

I gain few of my sense and scream on the top of my lung, "Romero!"

As soon I speak Romero's head turns to me like flash. I have to inhale a gasp at the sight of him, his face and jaws taut but what guts me is his eyes, they are black.

Pure raging black.

He advances toward me, like a predator eyeing its pray.

Suddenly Slade is rushing behind him and within a blink he has injected something in Romero's neck.

What in the-

Romero roars in anguish as he sways on his feet. Slade and Luke moves beside him for support and starts dragging him to other room.

I hear Romero slur, "Don't let her......"

To which Slade replies, "I won't."

"Just don't......"

Then they disappear inside bedroom.

I stay stunned, unmoving.

* * * * *

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