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   Chapter 107 One hundred seven

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"Okay." He starts to get up, pulling his semi hard part out of me. I instantly miss the warmth of it.

I grab his hand before he could climb down the bed. He looks back in question.

"If I ask you to come with me, would you go without asking where?"

Two dimples on both of his cheek appears as he smiles, his eyes shining with tenderness, "Darling, I will go to hell, if you ask me to. So yes, Ray, I will go anywhere with you."

He trusts me.

Just like I trust him.

He drops a sweet kiss on my forehead before disappearing inside bathroom.

I lay there imagining the outline of my painting when he comes out few minutes later. Without any care of the world he drops his towel.

Just like that.

I take everything in hungrily as he starts to dress up. I guess I should be used to his naked beauty but I'm not even close to it. Each time is like the first time I saw him without clothes. Which leaves me stunned.

After getting ready, looking just like a supermodel he paces toward me, eying my form with the same hunger I feel. "I'm already regretting leaving you here, like this."

Growling, he fists my hair and kisses me fiercely as if making a point of owning me. Breathlessly he pulls away after kissing me thoroughly.

He close his eyes to gain his control and when he next open them, they are bright grey showing flecks of blue. "Call me if you need me for anything, okay?"

I could only nod.

toward elevator and swipe the card Sydney has sent me. Lift car take us to master suit where the party is organized.

The door snaps open showing Sydney and Slade outside waiting for us. Slade checks his watch and I too check out my phone, ten seconds to twelve O'Clock, he then notions someone inside to turn off all the lights. The light disappears leaving us in total darkness. There is pin drop silence in the room as I take Rom to the threshold.

"Open your eyes." I whisper in his ears.

"Its fucking dar-"

His voice cuts off by a collective loud scream.


All lights are on showing a large crowd surrounding us. There are students from first year to last year. Most of them are watching Rom as if he is some sort of royalty. In a way he is King.

My King.

He looks startled but his eyes are just for me. I step forward and tiptoeing plant a kiss his lips, "Happy Birthday, my love."

Everyone behind us cheers.

* * * * *

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