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   Chapter 106 One hundred six

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The next morning when I wake up from a sweet slumber, I find Romero clinging to me. His hold is tight enough for our naked bodies to squashed together in most intimate way I know. His face in between crook of my neck, his favourite position for he likes to feel my pulse, his arms wrapped firmly around my waist and his legs tangled with mine.

A giddy smile forms on my lips.

It feels like I'm always smiling these days. I realise that after so many struggles I am finally happy. Before I could revel in the fact another realisation seizes me, Darkness lies just after the light and vice versa.

A disturbing question unfolds itself, how longer this light would last before darkness rise to shadow it?

Goodness no!

My heartbeat quickens and smile disappears somewhere in my distress as prospects of my unknown fear starts clouding my mind.

I don't want this light to end, I want it to continue brighten us but I know that's asking for impossible. I still make a silent prayer to whoever up there listening to me to never let us apart, to bind us in a way that we couldn't get away from each other even if we want to. I hope that moment never comes when either of us wants to get away from other.

God don't let anything come between us, please.

I stop still when he suddenly stirs.

"Mmm." Romero places a wet kiss on my neck. My entire body feels the impact of that one small kiss.

Well not really small, since there is nothing small about him but still.

"Your pulse rate is high. Are you thinking dirties Ray?" Murmuring, he moves his lip to my jaw, cheeks, nose, forehead and eyelids. Pretty much all over my face leaving my lips to beg for the same attention.

"I am not." I deny firmly as he stares in my eyes looming above me but my mind immediately goes back to dirties we did last night. A blush arises much to my dismay.

His smirk tells me he caught me, "

it." My voice comes hoarse.

"Kissing you." I feel a kiss on my hairs.


"Making you smile."

I smile, "And?"

"Making you laugh. It's my favourite one."

I giggle before giving up to the idea of finding anything he likes. What to give a man who has almost everything and more. There is nothing I could buy that he doesn't already owns.

Then an idea itself comes up, what if I make him a portrait of myself and present it to him?

Would he like that?

I hope so.

When come to think of it I wouldn't like anything more than his portrait if it were my birthday.

Yes, that's it.

I will make a portrait of myself on his bed covered in just sheets.


"And you say you don't do romance." I tease him.

"I will do anything when it comes to you, Ray. You should know that by now."

"I know-"

Clock alarm cuts me off.

He groans, "Fuck. I have a meeting in few minutes."

I scowl whining, "What? But it's Sunday."

"Doesn't matter. They have flied down here to meet me."

It's not conference then?

"You are going to meet them?"



"At one of my hotel. Why are you asking? Do you want to come along."

"No." I answer quickly.

With him not here I can complete my surprise for him.


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