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   Chapter 105 One hundred five

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I know the exact moment Romero enters the room. It impossible to not feel his magnetic form or his powerful presence. I immediately turn to door and find him covering the doorway. He looks handsome as always but like every single time I'm hit by the intensity of his beauty and even more by the disbelief of the fact he is all mine.

The dark haired boy with mysterious greys eyes, who seemed so out of my league is now mine. Just like I am his.

I scowl when I notice I'm not the only one admiring him, almost every girl here is trying to gain his attention. Some are brushing their hair while others are pushing their boobs out. It's almost comical when he doesn't even spare them a glance as his eyes scanning the room in one swift notion until they finally settle on mine.

I send him a smile and start to stand up from my seat.

Sydney nudges me from side. "Go on girl. Don't make the lover boy wait, who knows when he starts brawling."

I want to give her some retort but my feet are already taking me to him and soon I forget about her or anything else.

My smile dims as I see grimness of his face. His lips are set in thin angry line and eyes are holding back rage.

Is he angry with me?

And why?

"Hi." I murmur in small voice.

He gives me a cool look before grabbing my wrist and pulling me with him.

"Romero!" I exclaim but don't object, not wanting to create a scene. I look back toward Syd and Grace and give them small wave as I let him pull me out of the club.

"Rom, wait!" I try to tug my hand free. He doesn't budge though.

As we approach the empty parking lot, my temper also spikes.

"I said stop dammit!" I burst, snatching my hand away from his hold.

He turns and glares me offensively, muttering some colorful words. He takes a deep breath as if to calm himself down and then his face turns unreadable, his eyes icy cold.

I hate when he does that.

It feels like he is shutting me out.

"What's wrong with you?" I cry out helplessly.

"Nothing is wrong. You tell me me how was your girls out?" He asks calmly as if he hasn't just dragged me out.

His face is stoic, void of any emotions and if I didn't know him as well I think I do, I wouldn't be able to see he is boiling with fury. He is trying so hard to keep it at bay and almost succeeding in it.

"Fine." I snap.

"Yeah? What did you do?" He questions casually and leans against the car.

"The usual thing." It's irritating, whatever the game he is trying to play I'm least interested in that.

"Nothing unusual huh?" He mocks me.

Now this is it.

"Why don't you just ask me whatever the hell you want to?" I retort snidely.

Bloody hell.

as Damon Ross."

That man didn't look like he would hurt me. I felt a bit uneasiness in his presence but that was not negative.

Was I wrong?

"You have nothing to worry about, okay? I will take care of him." He assures me with his eyes flashing.

"Will you tell me then? Whatever you find out?"

"Yes I will."

"Promise?" I blink.

"Yes darling, I promise. Now don't think I forgot what this all was about."

Of course.


How could I forget him?

"What are you talking about?" I play innocent.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about. Did you plan to meet cafe fucker?"

I glare him, "No I did not plan that. He just appeared in front of me and asked for five minutes."

Unfazed by my glare, he prods, "What for?"

"He wanted to apologize, nothing else. He said he was ashamed of himself."

"Do you still care for him?" He struggles to speak as if the words are strangling him.

Do I care for Alex?

"I don't know. He broke my trust and destroyed our friendship. All I can say I sympathies him."

He exhales, "No more cafe fucker." He declares.

"No more as in I'm not to see him again or you are going to kill him." I smile feeling light.

He pulls me in his arms, "It means if the former is to occur then the later is most likely to follow."

I laugh. "Stop being so jealous. You have absolutely no reason for it."

Fixing his grey orbs on mine, "I don't need any reason to be jealous, Ray. When it comes you or your attention, I'm selfish like that. I want every piece of you and your attention. I will not share them with anyone. I know it's irrational but I don't want you to care about anyone but me. Your love is mine and mine alone. I will die before I let-"

I kiss him.

Putting a long time full stop on his lips.

* * * * *

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