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   Chapter 104 One hundred four

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"Hey I need to go washroom, I'll be back in a moment." I tell them, before standing up.

I make my way for washroom and do my deeds, after cleaning my hands I exit the room.

As I walk I force my brain to recall something, anything that would give me a hint. As far as I-



No way.

That can't be happening now.


Oh yes it is happening.

I straighten up, stifling my groan and turn around, sure enough Alex is just few feet away from me.

I inhale a shocked gasp as I take in his face. His attractive face is transformed into horribly unattractive one. His eyes are swollen, nose looks pretty banged up and there are more than few ugly yellow bruises on his face.

Romero did that.

I refuse to feel guilty when he was the one who wronged me.

Hardening my eyes I snap, "I don't want to talk to you."

He flinches slightly, "Angel, I-"

"Don't call me that."

He nods, "I- I am sorry, Akira. I-" he trails looking helpless.

I sigh, "What do you want Alex?"

"Five minutes."


"Just give me five minutes angel, I mean Akira. For old times sake. Please."

Five minutes wouldn't hurt right?

"Fine. You have five minutes."

His shoulder sags with relief, "I heard about Eveline and you were the one who found her and took her to Mr. Jacob."

Where is he taking this?

"Yes, I did but only because Romer

No greeting?

No love?

No baby?

What's with his mood?

"I am with Sydney and Grace, I have told you about our girls night."

"Really?" His tone is mocking.

"Yes." I snap.

His mood is so difficult to handle sometimes.

"Are you done with your girls night?"

"Yeah almost but don't worry Sydney will drop me off."

"No. I will there in ten minutes. Be ready."

He hangs up.

Just like that!

Without even hearing my reply.

I need to have a word with him about his habit to hang up on me.

Oh God, what I'm do with this boy?

Love him. Just love him.

I smile, despite my anger. That I already do.

On reaching our table, I sink on my seat.

"Romero is coming for me. He says he will be here in ten minutes."

Sydney winks, "That much of impatience. Oh boy you are so going to be banged up tomorrow."

I blush crimson, "Shut up Syd."

They both just laugh at my expense.

* * * * *

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