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   Chapter 103 One hundred three

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Sydney notices my panicked face and gives me a reassuring smile, "I know you probably want to do something special for him but don't worry okay? We are with you and we will help you in any way we can."

Grace nods, "She is right."

I sigh, "How does he celebrate his birthday normally?"

Grace snorts, "He doesn't actually. Its guys who arrange a huge party and force him to attend where all he'd do is get drunk or fuck number of girls."

I hid my wince at the last part.

I really need to get over his past.

Oh well.

Though that doesn't sound fun at all if he is forced to party.

Now surprise party is on his birthday is out of question. I mean where would be surprise if he already knows about it.

"There will no party on his birthday this time." I announce.

Syd frowns, "Why not? Everyone knows about it. Hell, It's one of the best party all over campus. Almost all students wait for it. There would be no fun without it."

"I didn't say there would be no party at all. I said there would be no party on his birthday."

"What do you mean?" Grace ask swallowing a shot.

"I'm saying we will give him a pre-birthday party that he wouldn't be expecting at all. And as for his birthday he is going to spend his special day with me." I tell them smiling confidently.

"Now that sounds like a surprise party." Grace grins.

Sydney smirks, "His special day with you only huh? Knowing King I don't think he'd like anything more than you on his beck and call, all ready for him to feast upon." She wiggles her brows suggestively.

I blush

ll am scared of him, whenever I tried to follow them around he would give me his death glare and I had to retreat. I never really liked him. Asshole." She mutter but smile sheepishly when I glare her playfully.

"I wonder what had happened inside office." Grace muses loudly.

My thought exact.

"I will ask Romero about it." I tell them.

"Great. I have been dying to know that since always."

"Back to party, what do I need to do?" I ask them.

Sydney shakes her head, "Nothing, just bring King and yourself on the time. If I need you for anything I will call you but I don't think that would be necessary. Slade just has to order and all would be ready."

I relax a bit but not completely. I still have to think of something special for his birthday. He is so thoughtful and knows exactly what I like or what not. Like those fireflies, beach, star, night camp. He knows me so much more than I, him but then again he has me investigated, though I doubt that file contained these personal information.

Oh so much thinking to do.


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