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   Chapter 102 One hundred two

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I open my eyes drowsily as the first rays of sun hits my face. For a second my brain is blank before deeds of last night registers slowly. I frown, noticing Romero's absence in the tent.

Where is he?

Yawning I stand up and stretch my arms. My hands and neck have gone stiff but I'm not complaining. If I get to have night like yesterday's again I'd be more than happy to suffer this much of discomfort.

I pad through the tent and come out of it. Morning air baths me in it freshness, erupting all the laziness. Glancing around I find Romero standing by the edge of beach, wearing nothing but his boxers and looking so breathtakingly hot in his all pure male glory.

I ogle his form, trying to take everything in to draw him on my canvas. As if sensing my gaze he half turns and even from the distance I can see his eyes darkening with primal satisfaction at the sight of me in his large shirt.

Before I know it my feet are taking me to him. His arm comes around me, tugging me close to him as he places his lips on mine. All my rationality of not having my teeth brush flows out of the window.

He does that to me.

And so does his touch.

The kiss sweet, short and passionate leaving me needing more. It doesn't matter how many times we have kissed or made love, every time it feels like our first time, the only difference is the sense of familiarity that comes with it.

"Morning." I breath out after pulling away.

"Good morning, Ray. Did you sleep okay?" He murmurs huskily, his eyes dancing with amusement.

I blush thinking numbers of time me made love last night. I can't blame it all on him because I was more than eager every time and when I finally slept, I was totally satiated with all the pleasure he had given me.

"I slept just fine." I mutter, embarrassed.

"You were so responsive last night. I loved every minute of it, even more when you talk dirty." He gloats me further. His smirk tells me he is enjoying my embarrassment.


"You want me lick you here, don't you?" His breath tingles my thighs.

"Yes." I moan.

"Not like this. Beg me, Ray. Beg me to fuck you with my tongue." He licks my throbbing core teasingly.

Oh god.

Drowned in passion I beg, "Fuck me please!"

He does.


And again.


"You are thinking about that, aren't you? You have a dirty mind, Ray." He chuckles lightly.

Snapping out my dirty thoughts, I narrow my eyes, "Glad to know you find my embarrassment pleasuring."

His fingers slide between my legs to inner part of my thigh, "Do you know what I find more pleasurable about you?"

I think I have some

at you have to feel." I interrupt her.

"I'm confused, sad, happy. Everything is so messed up but at least one thing is clear now. Our relationship is over and I'm not angry with him for what he did because I don't think all was a lie. Whatever time we spent together we enjoyed, even if as friends. After talking to him it's like a weight is lifted from my chest, I feel more lighter. In the end its clear we were meant to be friends only."

Oh thank God.

"And Lucas? Did you talk to him too?"

"No. I'm avoiding him as much he is avoiding me. I don't know his reason but I think he feels guilty for kissing his brother's girlfriend and as for mine, I want to be sure of my feelings this time before acting on it. I miss him though." She sighs.

"I think you are doing right thing. Take as much time you need-" I trail off locating Grace coming toward us.

"Hi guys. I'm so sorry I'm late but my mom, she is difficult to handle."

Sydney smiles, "Yeah I know babe. You're forgetting I've met her few times."

Grace turns to me, "So what are we celebrating?"

I shrug and point to Sydney, who smirks, "My break up of course."

Grace chuckles, "Luke told me about that and I'm glad none of you are so heartbroken over it."

How would they when heart was never really involved.

Sydney orders a round of drink before turning to me, "Speaking of which, how are you going to celebrate King's birthday?"

"His what?"

"Birthday. It's seven october. You know that right?"

"No I don't. It never came up." I mutter.

What kind of girlfriend I am?

I don't even know his birthday when he knows my whole life.

Then it hits me, today is five!

I just have one day to arrange something special for him.


* * * * *

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