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   Chapter 101 One hundred one

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"Can I ask you something?" I glance at Romero, who is driving and is looking so hot while doing that.

He has worn his usual black outfit but still is delicious all the same. My hands are itching to touch him.

"You can ask me anything Ray." He rewards me a quick smile.

"Anything? You'll answer me?" I prod further.

"Yes, baby."

"So where are we going?" I smile sweetly.

His lips twitch into a smirk and I know I won't be straight answer, "Somewhere."

I try to keep my frustration in control, "Oh. How much far is this place?"

"Just few minutes."

I pout and turn away from him to stare through the window. Nothing is working with him. He really knows how to keep a secret. He wouldn't even give me a hint.

Damn him.

He lets out a laugh, "You don't have much patience, do you?"

"I hate surprises." I snap.

"No you don't. You love surprises." He counters.

"Oh yeah? How would you know that?" I challenge him.

"Because I know you." Is his simple reply.

He is right.

I love surprises and the feeling of anticipation.

But this surprise has worn me out. Now I just want to know what he has planned for me.

The car comes to halt. I look outside but can't pin down what this place is due the dark. There is no light around.

"We are here." He announces and in one swift motion, he is out of the car. He rounds up to my side and opens the door for me.

Just as I place my feet on the ground, the salty smell of air hits me. I can distinctly hear the sound water waves.

I turn to him, excitement shimmering through my entire being. "You bought me to a beach!" I exclaim loudly.

"Yes and it's a private beach, so it's just you and me." I can't exactly see him but I kn

whole body rumbles and eyes sparkling in delight. I smile at the beautiful sight.

His phone rings abruptly, causing him to be alert. He stands up and pulls me along with him, turning me toward beach.

"Close your eyes, baby." He orders.

"Why?" I whine.

"Just trust me."

I close them, because I trust him.

A minute later, he starts counting down, "3...2...1, open them, Ray."

I do and inhale a breath.

"Holy shit!"

It's a meteor shower.

Stunned, I watch them coming toward earth. All with glowing streaks, twinkling brightly. It feels like they are looking at us and are smiling.

"It's magnificent." I whisper, my eyes star struck.

"So are you." I then notice he has been watching me. He doesn't once look toward sky, his eyes are glue to my face.

Oh Romero.

I do love him.

"Dance with me, Ray."

He spins me around and picks me up, placing my feet above his. I touch his shoulder when he holds my waist.

He moves his legs with mine on the top of his.

And we dance.

With stars as our stage light.

Sounds of waves as music.

Meteor shower as audience.

In that moment, we are perfect.

* * * * *

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