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   Chapter 100 Hundred

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"Are you going somewhere?"

Startled, I jump.

"Jesus!" I place my hand on my pacing chest and scowl at the very grinning figure of Sydney.

"What?" She smiles innocently.

"Stop sneaking up on me." I snap.

"Hey! It's not my fault you easily get lost in your thoughts." She counters back sitting on the couch opposite of mine.

Well, that's true but there is no way in hell I'm going to admit that to her.

"Just stop doing that or one day you will give me a heart attack. And then you will be the one dealing with my boyfriend." I smile when she visibly wince at the last part.

"Fuck no! I would rather face the wrath of the devil than come near your angry boyfriend. Last time I nearly peed in my pants." She shudders dramatically.

Oh, I do remember that all too well.

"That's why you are going to have to stop." I remark smugly.

Her eyes narrow, "You are mean, you know that?"

I giggle, "Now I do."

She sighs, "Well, are you going somewhere?"

"Why do you ask?" I frown.

"Because I think we need girls time. Its fucking Friday today and I have lot I wanted to tell you but you have been busy whole week." She sounds irritated.

I can't blame her though, I have been totally preoccupied this week. I was either in class or library or with Romero. It's library that has me worked up. Since Mr. Jacob is not here and the responsibility of that place is on me. He told me not to worry too much but I feel like it's my duty to cover up his absence. So I spend a bit more time there. Whole week was hazardous but he'd returning back by Monday so I don't

my room, dialling his number. He picks up in second ring.


I love the tenderness in his voice, "Hi." I whisper, already turning into an illogical fool.

"Hi love." And likes always he is amused.

I clear my throat, "Uh I wanted to know where are you taking me."

He grunts, "That again? I told you it's surprise baby."

'I know you did but I still want to know, you big oaf.' I really want to scream that.

"But if I'm going somewhere out of the civilized place, I need to be prepared, don't I? And if you just tell me I'll know what to wear accordingly."

His chuckle sounds like a music to my ear. "I assure you this place is fully inside civilization, Ray. As for clothes, you know I prefer you without it but wear whatever you feel like, in the end I'll be taking it off anyway." The heat in his voice sends shiver through me. The velvety sound caress my skin and I almost moan.

I can hardly control my reaction, "Okay fine." I mutter and hang up.

I release a breath.

He sure knows how to take my breath away, literally.


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