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   Chapter 99 Ninety nine

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As I stop in front of the door, I hesitate to knock. I question myself if this is the right thing to do. My conscience immediately retorts its agreement.

I couldn't sleep a wink whole night between this and horrible thoughts of Alex. We spent the day cuddling and watching movie, and night making sweet love and clinging to each other. My brain goes back to the information given by Romero's PI last night. True to his word he had all the information including her address in that two paged folder.

I was so happy to hear that I almost hugged him, almost since it was quite impossible to do so when my boyfriend is a growling expert. Hell he'd glare and growl the poor guy every time I smile at him.

Eveline has never married anyone but she has adopted two orphan children.

What if she still loves Mr. Jacob and that's why she didn't marry anyone.

But what if that's not true?

There are so many 'what's if'. The only way to confirm is the other side of door.

I look behind me to the car Romero is currently in. I wanted him with me when I do this after my today's class. He nods in encouragement and that's all I need to gather all my wits and confidence back.

Taking a breath I raise my hand and ring the bell.

A few moments later the door opens but instead of Eveline, it's Ben, who has opened the door.

I wonder if he recognized me and open my mouth to remind him but he beats me to it.

"Ha! I knew you'd get bore of that old ass man."

I don't know why I'm even surprised by his comment. The kid has too much punk for me to handle and it's look like he hasn't got the lessons he needed.

But still I laugh.

Damn if this kid has not taken away few of my nervousness already.

"Good to see you again, Ben." I smile.

He smirks, "Pleasure is all mine, princess. So did the old man let you go? Can I have my chance now?"

I give him a smug look, "Sorry to disappoint you but no, you can't have your chance for that old man is in the car waiting for me."

He sways to look behind me and grumbles, "Bloody old ass."

"How old are you anyway?"

He winks, "I'm nine years old and I already have three girlfriends." He sounds proud of his achievement.

I shake my head.

Nine year old and this much of arrogance. I can't even imagine the level of it when he gets older. He would be the guy every dad warn their daughters about.

A charming heartbreaker. That's what he is going to become.

I remind myself my intention to come here, "Where is your Granny, Ben?"

"She is making pancakes for me. Since you're my princess now, I can let you eat them but only if you don't ment

"Mr. Jacob." I cut him off.

I don't want to hear about those things and turn my mood sour. Today is a remarkable day for them. Though I wish Alex hadn't done what he did yesterday and be with me to witness their reunion.

"Yes child?" He still hasn't looked up.

I sigh, "Look at me please."

He looks up with a scowl and parts his lips to speak but as soon I step aside giving him a view of his love, no words come out.

He drops the register with a thud, "Eve." He whispers in pained voice.

He looks as though he believes he is dreaming. His face, God, it's so painful to see him like this.

Eveline stares him and his non - working legs. A tortured sob leaves her and before I know she is running toward him.

She drops down on her knees and then the usual stoic face of Mr. Jacob crumbles and a lone tear falls down.

And just like this the two beautiful soul reunites with each other.

Jesus Christ.

It's as beautiful as it is painful to watch.

I feel lucky to be witness of this.

But this is their private moment and I'm an outsider for them, so with a satisfied smile I silently exit the room.

Romero takes me in his arm as soon he sees me. I welcome the invitation with my every cell. I wrap my arms tightly around him and rest my head on his chest closing my eyes

I am so glad he is here with me. I need him to hold me like this.

Lord I always need him.

I sigh in contentment. "It's beautiful but heartbreaking. I'm so happy for them."

"And it all happened because of you, Ray. God, I love you so much. More than I can ever explain. Just know that whatever love I have it's all yours." He breaths in my hair.

I place a kiss just above his heart, "And I love you back, with everything I have."

* * * * *

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