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   Chapter 97 Ninety seven

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"What the fuck is this thing?"

I glance beside me to frustrated looking Romero. He has been like this since we entered inside super mall. Everything for him is a foreign material.

"Give it to me, I will do this while you go fetch some peanut butter. You know what that is right?" I take the pocket of hummus from him and point toward the peanut butter section.

He scowls grumbling, "Of course I know what peanut fucking butter is." But does what I say.

I shake my head smiling. He is really like a kid sometimes.

A kid you like to do dirty things with.


He is no where near a kid when it comes to that.

I gather all the things in the cart and move to the counter.

"Bill it, please." I give the girl behind counter a look to stop staring my man's bum. She has been eying him like he is only meat left since she caught the sight of him.

I don't blame her really, surely not when my boyfriend haven't once glanced at her obvious beauty but it still is irritating having her try to talk to him like I'm not even here.

She frowns but starts doing her job. I look about the hall that is so big. I don't think I have ever been in a super mall before. Walmart or Macy's are all I have known for the most of the time.

I whirl around abruptly hearing some crashing sound behind me. I see a old lady trying to pick her things from ground.

"Are you okay Miss?" I bent down to help her.

"Yes, yes I am fine. Thank you dear. Little kids these days are so hard to control. They keep disappearing." She laughs, straightening up.

Collecting the remaining goods, I stand up. "Here." I drop them on her cart.

A bell rings in my mind when I get a good look of her face. She seems familiar. Her face is pulled in worried line as she tries to search for someone. "Oh now where the hell did that little shit go?"

I hold back a chuckle listening her use colourful words. "Are you looking for someone Miss?" I ask her bringing her attention back on me.

The ringing voice rises as she fixes her very familiar eye on me, "My grandchild. That kid is too much trouble for me to hand-"

"I am right here Granny. You need to take some chill pill." A little boy of around eight years or

before hearing him shout my name.

I run all way to the other side of gate. I look in every direction but neither she nor that kid are anywhere to be seen.

Please God, help me find her.

For Mr. Jacob.

Where did she disappear?

I can't believe myself. I'm so stupid. After so much of effort to find her and when she was finally in front of me, I couldn't even recognize her.

Damn me!

I go to search in other direction but a firm grip on my forearms halts me before spinning me around.


"What the fuck Ray?!" He almost screams, his face and eyes panicked.

"I-I am sorry." I whisper quietly, panting.

His hands and eyes raking all over my face and arms as if to search any harm, "Fuck Ray! You nearly gave me heart attack. Why did you run like that?"

"That-that lady is Mr. Jacob's Eveline. You remember? I told you about her. I can't believe I didn't recognise her. Oh I'm such an idiot." I groan placing my head on his chest.

"Hey, relax. You got her last name? I can have her location if you want."

I release a breath, "I don't have her last name but I can ask Alex-" I falter as the name starts bringing rage in his eyes, "or I could search for it on Mr. Jacob's desk."

He nods, "The later will be fine. Now come on, let's go."

"Yeah." I mutter, pacing back in the direction I came.

Then out of nowhere a thought strikes me, she has a grandchild and that means she probably is married.

Jesus Christ!

Oh Mr. Jacob.

* * * * *

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