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   Chapter 96 Ninety six

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The girl sitting opposite me is so fucking beautiful I have hard time keeping my eye from her. And she is mine. It is still unbelievable that this beautiful creature is mine. She is too good for me, much more than what I deserve but hell if I will ever let her go. No one, not even her can do anything about it.

The fucking prick of waiter is staring my girl, the fucker is practically drooling over her. I can't really blame him. She is like this magnet that unknowingly draws all the attention to herself. Whether she is dressed up as a princess or is in my shirt, she is still most beautiful girl in this whole fucking world. Even if I don't blame him does not mean I'm okay with it.

Hell to fucking no!

The familiar feeling of violence fills my vein. My hands itching to throw a knocking fist on the fuckers grinning face. The only thing keeping me is her being here, I don't want her to see me turn into the monster I am.

My mind still can't forget how horrified and sick she looked last time I let the beast called fury take over.

I am not good person, I know she thinks I am but I'm not. I only try to be good for her. I have done many things, things she can't even begin to imagine. I made lots of bad decisions, some I regret and others I don't. And I don't ever want her to find out any of them. I can't stand the thought to her looking at me with eyes full of disgust, distrust or hate. I want to hide my every monster from her. Even though I know nothing could stay hidden forever.

This one small girl is everything to me. She doesn't know it yet but she is my destiny, my only lifeline, my kryptonite. When she fixes her baby blue on mine I always forget how to breath.

I didn't understand feelings before, the only emotions I knew anger and hate but with her I fucking feel, so much that sometimes it's like they are about to burst out.

I didn't need anyone before but now I can't even survive few days away from her. Every second apart was choking me, taking my life from my body bit by bit.

I didn't know fear before her but now I know. I feel it every second, every fucking moment I fear I am somehow going to fuck this up and she will leave me. For good.

Before her every thing was black and white, nothing in between but now I see every color, from red to green and, from yellow to fucking blue.

Before her, fucking was just a way to release tension but with her it is like only salvage I have. With her I feel every part our love making, not fucking.

She holds too much power over me

nce when he was begging for it.

"Oh Rom, I would have understood if you had told me all this before. I don't want any lies or secrets between us. I hate them. I want you, all of you, both good and bad. Please promise me you won't hide anything from me again." I plea him, my eyes searching his orbs.

He stares back, his face conflicted like he can't decide if he should say what wants to or not. I wait for him to say something.

He opens and snaps his mouth shut when the waitress returns with delicious looking pizza in her hand.

My stomach growls loudly at its smell and sight, reminding me of my hunger.

"Anything else? Sir, mam?" She asks politely but I'm too far absorb in the pizza to reply her. I hear Romero chuckle as he tells her 'no' and she goes back.

"It's so good." I moan taking a bite of the delicious piece.


I take another bite and moan again closing my eyes.


I open them back as soon I hear him groan. I glance at him only to find him staring me with heated gaze. He is yet touch his piece.

"What?" I scowl.

"Don't make those sounds Ray or we are going to have some other problem. And I assure you that won't involve my fist and someone's face. Infact it would be just me and you, and it won't be solved until we both are back on bed again." He smirks tells me he is not serious but his eyes otherwise.

And I trust his eyes more.

I turn red in embarrassment, but still manage to growls, "Shut up. Have your pizza or I will eat them all."

His answering smile is little annoying, "Real classy, Ray."

I ignore him and turn my attention back to my pizza.

Totally forgetting about the promise I intended to make him.

* * * * *

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