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   Chapter 95 Ninety five

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I make my way toward bathroom and start my morning routine. My mind swirling with all the things he has said. The words marry and child scared me to hell.

I'm only eighteen for God's sake, I'm not even close to thinking about all those things.

But when I really think about it I realise that there can be no one else I would rather have them with.

The realisation itself is much more shocking than his words.

The only thing I wonder, when did he dive so deep in me?

It doesn't have any answer and nor does it need any but I know the moment he looked at me for the first time, my well organized life, my priority and my every rule changed in that very moment.

How or why?

I couldn't be more careless about.

After done with shower I wrap a towel around me and go to search for something to wear. I pick out my sweatpants that is hanging on his wardrobe and instead of my own shirt I grab his white shirt. I quickly dress up, tying his shirt in a knot and combing my hairs open.

I leave his room and pad down the hall to kitchen. I plan to make something to eat before going to him. I'm sure he hasn't eaten anything since God knows when and I'm quite famish too.

I open fridge and to my surprise it's almost empty. I bent down to get a better look but still there is no egg, no meat, not even bread.

Damn it.

I frown noticing a list above the fridge, it's shopping list. Martha must have made it to buy them. But she must be tired from all cleaning she had to do.

Oh well I-

I screech when suddenly an arm snakes around my waist and pulls me backward against a hard body but immediately relaxing, his rich scent filling my nostrils.


I sigh.

"You never listen, do you?" He grumbles in my hair.

"Now where would be fun in that?" I mimic his words, smiling.

"You want fun huh?" I can practically feel his smirk as his hand starts sneaking inside my clothes.

I swat his hand away, turning around, "No way José. Not until you provide me some of the information about your upcoming plan."

He narrows his eyes into slit, "You are not being fair."

I shrug, "Everything is fair in love and war."

"So dirty it is then, and I know very well how to play dirty." His purrs seductively, his fingers pressing against my pulse point.

I try to control but still shivers at the touch. My heartbeats increase

churns at the thought of him being here with some other girl. I told myself I wouldn't be that girl but hell if that mere thought doesn't drive me to nuts.

"No. Why?"

I relax hearing his answer and shrug, "Just asking."

A middle aged lady comes forward, "Good afternoon, Sir, Mam. We have an empty table at the corner, if you please follow me."

We follow her to our destined table. Romero pulls out a seat for me and then sits on the one opposite me.

"One of our waiter will be attending you shortly." The lady goes back to her work.

"This place is sweet. I love it." I smile awed by its interior.

"I love you." His voice is so emotional that I'm immediately forced to give my full attention to him.

He is staring me with the same look he has been this morning. My throats work but no words come out.

"You have no idea how much I have missed you these past few days. You don't understand your power, Ray. You own me, completely, my heart, body, soul, my everything. You have all the fucking control, only you can cut me open with some of your words. You leaving killed me Ray, I will not survive that again. Do not leave me again." He speaks hoarsely. His eye shining with vulnerability and fear.

My heart.

Feeling my eyes sting, I close them before opening them again to show him my every emotions, hiding nothing away. "I love you."

"I love you more." Taking my hands in his, he kiss each of knuckles tenderly, something he always does.

A voice snaps us out from our moment, "Good afternoon. Would you like to see our menu for today?"

* * * * *

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