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   Chapter 94 Ninety four

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I wake up with him lying half on me and his face between the crook of my neck, his breath tickling me. I lazily bring my hand to his hair and run my fingers through them, sighing at the feel their silky softness.

My face warms up as I remember the biblical sin we have done earlier, though it didn't feel sin at all if not heaven.

Heavenly is the only word I could describe that.

I suppress a groan as the image start forming in my head.

Images of him licking me. Fingering me. Inside me.

Oh god, I clench my legs tighter and try to get rid of them for I'm too bloody sore to think about them now.

Think of something else Ira.

Yeah something else.

Like grandma.



I turn to the nightstand beside bed and grab my phone that I noticed earlier. It's eleven am, oh hell that was a long nap. Quickly opening it I check out for missed calls.

Double crap!

Five missed calls from grandma, three from Logan and one from Bella.

Ignoring the last two I go for the history of first one. They are all from last night.

I should call her before she decides to come here, if she is not already.

Oh well, I'm in trouble.

I then turn my attention to my boyfriend who doesn't seem to understand difference between the mattress and my body, or he does but doesn't care. Yeah that's more like him.

I don't want to wake him or get up from this uncomfortably comfortable position but I have already missed my classes I can't afford not going library today. I still have some hours left and I will probably work until seven pm.

"Rom, wake up." I nudge him gently. He merely stirs.

"Romero." I try again.

This time he groans but doesn't make any effort to move. I have a feeling he is already up.


"I know you're awake."

"I'm not." He grumbles in my neck.

I try to not smile but damn this man. He is making it harder than it already is.

"Get off me! I have to call my grandma or she would appear here anytime." I push his hand away from my hip.

Shifting so he can look at me, he raises his brow, "For what?"

"Because I didn't answer her and she called me like five times yesterday."

"Then why didn't you answer her?" He frowns, getting up into sitting position.

Because I left it here.

I bit my lip, avoiding his eyes, "I left it here last friday."

"Oh." I know what is going on his mind. He is thinking about fight.

"Why don't you take shower while I talk to grandma. When was last time you had one?" I ask in attempt to change the subject.

His frown doesn't waver, "Saturday, I think."

Saturday was when we fought in that college's corridor.

And today is Tuesday.

For three whole days he was drinking alcohol without any worries of world. I shudder at that thought.

Now is not the time to think of all those bad times.

I scrunch my nose in mock disgust, "That's probably why you stink."

In real he is anything but.

A heated smirk forms on his lips, "I don't stink babe, I smell. Of you. Just like you are smelling of me."

A blush creeps its way up to my face at the meaning behind his words. I too get up mirroring his position.

"Shut up and go have shower." I order pointing toward bath

grandmother wants to meet you."

He nods as if in agreement. "Sure. Why not? We can go to meet her next weekend, if that's okay with you."

That was easy.

"Why next? Why not this?"

"I have something planned for you this weekend."


For me?

"What is it?" I ask, intrigue.

Romero shakes his head, smiling, "It's a surprise."


"Oh come on. Tell me, please?" I whine.

"Now where would be fun in that?" He drawls out, still smiling.

I glare in return, "And just when did you plan it?"

Next second I'm in his arms, "Just now." With that his lips comes down on mine.

He takes his sweet time in ravishing my lips. I follow the suit, having no objection with that.

We pull away, panting, "If only you were not sore." He growls closing his eyes.

"Not that sore." I whisper back before I could comprehend it.

But I so am.

He groans, "Don't give me any idea Ray, when I know you are. Fuck! We once again forgot about condom but God, I love going bare in you. With nothing in between us. Not even a fucking rubber."

I blush and open my mouth to tell him about pill.

He stops me, "I know you are on pills and probably that's why I'm not worried about it. I don't want to share you. Not even with our child, not yet anyway. And we will have lots of time to think about that when we marry." He is speaking as though he is talking to himself.

I stop breathing.

Child, marriage!


And he said 'when' not 'if'.

Oh my God!

He does not seem to notice my reaction or he does but doesn't care or this was an intentional slip from his part.

He brushes our lips again, his eyes has this look I can't understand. "I will be in study, come to me after shower okay?"

Is he trying to tell me something?

Or is he making me aware of his plan for our future?

Is he trying to prepare me for that?

I can't think of anything right now. Hell, I couldn't even form a response.

Giving me one last peck, he exit through the door leaving me stunned.

As if he has not just dropped a bomb on me.

As if he has not just delivered me the shock of my life.

Holy shit!

* * * * *

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