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   Chapter 93 Ninety three

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I glance down to my clothes that has him so worked up.

And crap!

"Whose shirt is that?" He growls again.

A mischief sparks within me. Payback time.

I shrug in feign ignorance. "Oh no one important, just my ex-boyfriend."

His eyes flash with an unstoppable storm and teeth grinds so loudly that even I can hear it.

Damn, he looks so hot when he does that.

His breathing gets heavier as he lowly utters, almost whispers, "The fuck did you just say?"

Oh boy.

He wasn't lying when he said he gets pissed real easily huh.

But he makes it so easy to get him.

"I said-"

He raises his hand to stop me, "Do not, I mean it, do not repeat that bullshit again because I'm one second away from hunting that bastard down and kill him with bare hands."

Holly hell!

I should stop it before he really go manic on my imaginary ex-boyfriend.

Still the thought is funny to watch him search a guy who doesn't even exist.

"Jeez, calm down. Your face is about to burst open in your misplaced anger. This shirt belongs to my bestfriend, Logan. Nothing for you to worry about and just for your information I don't have any ex-boyfriend."

I wore it yesterday because it reminded me of time we spent together. I was missing him, my home so much and it was only thing felt like our old routine. I have stolen lots of Logan's shirt during our sleepovers.

I have Romero's shirts but wearing them was out of question. I couldn't so much look at them without breaking down let alone have them on my body.

I try to stifle a laugh when his changes incredulously but it slips a bit causing him to narrow his eyes dangerously.

"You think that's funny?" He grunts, obviously displeased by my stunt.


Take that!

I nod, giggling, "Yup, that totally was."

"I will show you what's funny." His grey eyes soften a bit and then sparkle slyly.

Alarmed, my eyes widen, "What the-"

I couldn't complete my words and before I know it I'm pounced on his bed by my back.

Dumbfounded, I can only stare him as he start taking his shirt, which was put on him as per doctor's advice, off


"W-what are you doing?" I squeak but can't help myself and gawk his bare chest.

Oh I so missed this sight.

When I finally look away from that delicious body I find him hovering above me.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" He husks out, his whole body touching mine as he leans on his elbows above me.

God, that sound.

It has me trembling to my core. My body squirm under his unwavering gaze.

The heat of his naked chest is calling out me. My finger tingles with the need to touch him as I force them stay put.

I gasp when he starts to unbutton my shirt.

What is he doing?!

"Bestfriend or no

re one again.

And I found my peace, once again.

The feeling of him inside me is like having heaven on my feet.

Even more sweeter.

He grips my wrists, raising them above my head as he pulls out before slamming into me again.

I wrap my legs around his hip as he keep thrusting roughly. I lift mine to match our pace.

Our bodies dance in the music of our moans.

Thrust in.

Thrust out.




"Ah." I scream when he hits a point.

Oh my god!

My orgasm builds, intense and powerful.

Begging to be released.

"Please." I beg for I don't know what.

It's too much.

The sensation, the burning and the pleasure, everything feels so different from the last time.

Just as great.

Just as powerful.

But more intense.

"Let go, baby."

And I do.

It's so explosive, that I break apart and cry in pleasure.

Releasing my arms he grabs my face tenderly, his grey eyes bore into my blue one, "I love you."

"I love you too." I exhale a breath as he slides in.

On reaching his peak, his face twists and he bits his lips, hard.

The sight is so beautiful, I wish I had a camera to capture it.

"Fuck!" He throws his head back, his eyes closing and he releases himself in me.

Filling me.

Marking me.

After few moment of silence, I whisper in awe as he falls on me, "We should do that sometime again. That was, just wow."

I don't have any other words to explain that.

I am speechless after what we have done.

My brain is numb.

And my heart full.

His chuckle fills my ears. He lifts his head to stare me thoroughly. His eyes still are lustful, lovefull and needful.

"Who said I'm done with you?"

He position his already hard part back on my core before pushing it in.



And again.

Until I pass out with pleasure.

* * * * *

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