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   Chapter 92 Ninety two

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The magnitude of his action is so heavy that I fall after him and stare the broken boy in front of me.

My heart aches at the pain visible on his face. His beautiful eyes filled with grief is too much for me to take in.

Oh Romero.

"I am a heartless bastard and I know I don't deserve you, Ray but please give me a second chance. I swear I will do anything to get you forgive me, anything. Tell me what do I need to do, I will."

The desperation, anguish, and longing in his voice nearly undoes me.

And it hit me.

The hurt I was feeling were mostly because of my own expectations. I was the one who expected too much from him and that is why the pain was unbearable.

He is not perfect, no one is but in my mind and without realising it, I portrait him as perfect. That's where I was wrong, he is just a human and they makes mistake. I do too.

He hurt me and it is not going to be last time he did that. He will hurt me again, intentionally or not and I will hurt him too, whether I want or not.

Because this is life and it is how it works.

Now I understand it.

I grab his jaws and make him look in my eyes, letting him see all the confliction in them.

"Do you know that you are the person who was supposed to my anchor. You were supposed to be that person I could always count to not hurt me. Hell, you were supposed to be my Knight in shining armor. It was stupid to think that, wasn't it? Because in the end, opposite to all my beliefs you hurt me."

My stomach churns painfully as his whole expression turns panicked. Almost immediately he catches my hand from his hand and hold it tight.

His voice shakes when he speaks, "I-I know I fucked up but I will try my hardest to be your everything, anything you want. I hurt you and I will have to live with that but what I can't live with is you not being in my life. It will kill me, Ray. I will not survive loosing you. I need you to forgive me Ray."

I also won't survive that.

That will be the end of me.

I close my eyes and utter the words he wants to hear. "I forgive you."

When I open them I see his expression hasn't changed. Though there is a light of hope behind those grey orbs but otherwise he looks like he doesn't believe me.

ortantly without him touching me?

He grabs a fistful of my hair, and yanks me further in him. His other hand snake around my waist as he haul me on the top of him, keeping me impossibly close. I comply it by running my fingers roughly through his dark hairs.

His grip is almost painful but not a single fiber in my body minds it, he clutches me so tightly as if afraid of me disappearing.

I totally understand it because I'm feeling the same.

I'm so scared of waking up and finding this all a dream. I don't think I could handle if it were to be dream.

But I can't help be terrified for this feels so surreal to be back in his arms.

Under his touch.

His kiss then turns into more possessive, demanding and territorial, the way I'm so familiar with; the way I crave it.

I missed it so much.

I missed him more.

Our lips move in sync creating our perfect bliss with our moans filling the background.

Our kiss goes beyond hunger, desperation and need.

It feels like determination to never let go of each other.

To continue to hold on tightly.

We savour the sensation tingling our skin until we both are out of breath.

We both are panting when we finally pull apart against our will. His eyes dark with hunger and desire, representing my own.

He stares my face long as if memorising its features, then slowly rakes his eyes down my body.

And that's when they turn cold like ice.


"What the fuck are you wearing?"

And he is back!

* * * * *

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