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   Chapter 90 Ninety

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Oh god.

I shake his body hoping it would stir him, "Romero, wake up."

He doesn't.


Please be okay.

"Your Ray is here." I cry in helplessness.

And she would never leave you, just wake up. Please.

Please god, don't let anything happen to my Rom.

I-I can't live without him and I won't live without him.

"What the fuck?"

I look up to see Slade standing by door with furious look on his face. Paul appears behind him, he also does not look shock but merely angry.


My mind turns fizzy from all the commotion, I can't think clearly. Tears are evading my eyes uncontrollably and everything becomes blur.

"The stupid asshole. He's drunk himself to fucking coma this time." Slade growls as he slouch beside me.

This time?

What does that mean?

Staring him I find that he doesn't look troubled, not at all, just pissed. He is acting as though it's normal for him to witness Romero in this state, while I, on the other hand, am freaking out of my mind.

I wipe my tears in chaste and turn to him, "I think we should call ambulance." I sniff, barely controlling my sob.

He grunts but gives Paul a look to which later immediately react with taking out his phone and sauntering back.

"What happened to his hand?" One of the Paul's guys points to Rom's right hand.

I quickly grab his right hand and wince at how banged up it appears. It looks terrible and would need more care than usual. It must be hurting more.

Oh Rom.

Slade lets a chuckle, "Probably punched the shit out of something or someone." His voice laced with dark amusement.

I shiver at the reminder of how badly Romero, no not my Rom but King, could hurt someone if he intended to.

But it doesn't matter who did he hurt as long as he is okay and with me. I couldn't be more careless about everything other than him.

It does not matter that he hurt me or humiliated me. It doesn't matter that he threw my most precious thing back on my face. It doesn't matter that he lied.

Nothing matters right now.

I just want him to be okay.

I need him to be okay.

"Shall we?" Slade prompts, nodding toward Romero.

I murmur a 'yes' and reluctantly move back to give him space.

Slade motions other two guys to help Romero move. I too stand up and try to walk steadily along with them to his room, without collapsing like my legs want to.

I can't give in, not now.

The room looks exact same, the very same conditions I left it three days ago. Some of my clothes are still here, my phone, books are located in the same position since last I was here.

It is as though no one has entered this room in past these days.

But it is not true.

Romero has been here.

He has spent his time sitting at the same chair, he would when he watche

s asshole out. He has had too much alcohol." Slade mutters.

Standing up, I try loosen Romero's grip but he once again start flaying anxiously. He hands roaming all around the bed, almost desperately.

"Ray." His hoarse voice startles me.

"Stay please."

"Don't leave me."

My stomach knots painfully as his pleas fill the silent room, without caring of anyone else I fall back on my knees and take his hand in my own, kissing his knuckles just like has done to mine so many times before.

"I am here and I'm not going anywhere." I murmur between kisses.

I'm sorry for hurting you, forgive me.

I won't go anywhere as long as you need me.

Doctor moves to the other side to check on him. He puts gauze on Romero's busted knuckles assuring it's not broken and gives him injection.

"He will wake up once all the alcohol is worn out. Let him sleep it off."

He gives few medications before taking his leave with Paul.

Slade is only one left with us.

"Are you going to stay with him?"

"Yes." I answer without looking him.

"Okay, Paul will be here, but call me if he or you need anything."

I just not in affirmative.

Though I can't say I like him anymore after our talk but I like the fact he truly cares about Romero.

As I watch Romero asleep, a feeling of peace settles inside me, for past three days my inside, hell my every parts was like a unsolved query that nothing or no one could solve. It only needed his presence to fall back in serenity, as if it is connected to him.

Maybe it is.

Bending forward I place a kiss on his forehead, running my fingers through his hairs. If possible his face relaxes further.

Oh Romero, I love you, so much.

Closing my eyes I place my head on the mattress and soon after that sleep envelopes me in with our hands entwined in each others.

'I love you, Ray.'

* * * * *

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