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   Chapter 89 Eighty nine

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"Miss Ray." He greets politely, gazing around attentively.

I open my mouth to speak but stop when Slade saunters behind him. My brow furrows when I notice the change in his stride.

This is not his usual confident walk but filled with uncertainty.

"Slade, what are you doing here?" I ask, surprised.

"I was waiting for you. Sydney said you would be free by five but.." He trails off.

"Um yeah I do but not always." I don't elaborate.

"Oh." He nods, suddenly looking nervous and it in turns makes me more uncomfortable.

"Is everything okay?"

"No, not really." He sighs, "Look, I need you to come with me."

I frown. "Where?"

Why is he acting so stiff.

This is not like him.

"At King's." He looks straight in my eyes.

"I don't think so." I shake my head.

I feel my body starts shaking too at the mention of his name.

Slade must have seen panic on my face for he takes a step forward. His expression pleading, "Akira, I'm worried about him. He hasn't answered his phone or any messages for last two day. This is not like him."


Is he okay?

"I'm sorry Slade but I can't." I repeat.

I don't think I have it in me to face him again and it's not like he wants to see me either because if he did he would have made a least one attempt to seek me out.

And he hasn't.

"Miss Ray, please. Mr. King demanded to be left alone without any disturbance and we did but he hasn't come out since Saturday. He even changed his code so none can enter in there, not even Martha. We are worried for him." This time its Paul who says desperately.

Please god let him be okay.

But I still can't see him.

"I can't face him again. I'm sorry." I croak as few tears leak my eyes.

I thought I had no more tears left then why hearing all this is making me cry again.

Slade's eyes soften, "Please, Akira. I'm worried he has done something stupid."

My throat starts to close up and I find myself gasping for breath. I have not realised I'm backing away until Slade grabs my arm.

"Please Slade don't make me. He doesn't want to see me and I don't want to see him." I can't see him without everything coming back to me.

Slade lets out a humourless chuckle, "Trust me, he wants to see you. He will listen to you, I know he will. All I'm asking you to get us in. I'm assuming you know the code."

I do actually.

He has changed it in front of me when he was showing me how exactly that is connected to his office. I remember it.

I wipe

ise starts ringing from somewhere inside. I walk toward stairs and find it on floor with crack on it screen. "Here." I show it to them.

"Where the hell is that fucker?" Grumbling Slade strolls to his office and Paul to his gym.

Martha takes in the state of her kitchen looking horrified. I can't blame her for feeling like this. The woman had loved working there. I stand still, feeling helpless, not knowing what to do.

Turn around and get in the elevator. And Leave!

My rational parts demands me to leave but ignoring it, I walk toward terrace. I don't know why I feel like he there. It's like something is pulling me or pushing me to go there.

It's the same pull I feel whenever he is nearby. I stop and hesitate at the door. Do I want to face him again? Do I want him to look at me like a stranger again? Am I ready to do so?

No. Of course I am not.

But I can't even turn back from here.

I close my eyes and will myself to open the door. I don't know what I was expecting but not this.

Oh God, not this!

A sound escapes from the back of my throat as I find him half necked sprawl unconscious on the ground by his stomach.

"He's here!" I scream. Running toward him, I collapse beside his lifeless body. My heart is pounding in my ears as I check his pulses and choke out a cry when I feel it.

I tug his shoulders forcefully to turn him over. With so much of strength I managed to do it. He mumbles something incoherent.

I pat his cheeks, "Rom, wake up. Please."

He stirs slightly and flaying. He speaks again but this time I catch on it because he just said two words, one name and I sob hearing it.

"My Ray."

* * * * *

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