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   Chapter 88 Eighty eight

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I pace towards Mr. Vidal's office. I hope he doesn't ask about my behavior in my class. It would be embarrassing.

I knock and hear a faint 'come it'. I enter inside looking around in awe. The room is filled with so many amazing art work. They are beautiful.

"Yes Miss Ray?"

I clear my throat, "Could you please tell me my grades, sir?"

His eyes stern and face hard, "I already told everyone in class hour. Where were you when I announced it?"

I frigid, feeling nervous under his unnerving eye, "Uh, I was there b-but I...I-"

He stops my stammering lifting a finger, "I would appreciate if you concentrate in your class from now on."

"I'm sorry sir." I apologize sincerely.

He flips through some file on his desk. "You have got an A in your assignment, Miss Ray. You did a good work." He compliments with slight stiff smile.

I relax a bit, "Thank you sir."

"Keep it up." He nods, dismissing me.

I exhale a breath of relief as soon I exist his office. It was interesting encounter with all time charming professor. He didn't look like same teacher who teaches us. Inside his office he looked older than his age and well in control. So different than his carefree form. It makes me wonder which one is real and which is a facade.

Do everyone need a facade to live in this world?

• • •

"Hey miss?"

I stop writing and stare down at the little gi

he has not tried to contact me either. I hate that it effects me more than I'm comfortable with.

And now he is here.

Looking all beautiful as usual.

Oh, I missed him.

"You are my sun Darling, and my world revolves around you." He says cheesily with his dimpled smile.

It can't be real!

He can't be real!

I blink my eyes and he is gone. There is no sign of him.

Am I hallucinating him?

Jesus I'm going insane!

I force myself into work and block everything out of mind. I don't stop until clock turns up seven pm. I didn't want to go early today and cry in misery. Helping Mr. Jacob with lock I step out of foyer welcoming the cool air.

Before I could take any step a car stops in front of me. My heartbeat picks up as I recognize it. It is his car. My body chills with apprehension when the driver door opens. I frown when I see it's not him who gets out of it but someone else.


* * * * *

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