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   Chapter 87 Eighty seven

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"I'm an asshole. The same asshole, who fucked you. The same asshole, you were moaning for. The same asshole, you were begging for more. Or did you forget already?"

His each word echoes in my mind again and again, reminding me how much it hurts every time. How could he? He was supposed to be one person I could count on that would never hurt me intentionally. But he did. He proved me wrong. He was supposed to be that string which held my life all together. But in one swift motion he just broke it. I don't know if we could ever go back to what we were.

We were supposed to be Romero and Akira.

Why, oh, why did he has to ruin us?

I have given him my everything, my body, heart and soul, and even then he demanded more but I have nothing left to give. I feel like a lost cause. I don't know what to do anymore. When did I become so dependent on him? When did I forget my priorities? How did I come to this?

Before him everything was in order, I had a plan, a goal and my priority. It took him one look, just one touch to shatter my life before him into pieces. I went against my best friend, my only family left to be with him, to create an us, only for it to be teared apart by him. My already broken heart aches with pain at the reminder of how easily he managed to do it.

He hurt me before but this time it was intentional. He wanted to hurt and that hurt most. I saw it on his face for one fleeting moment, at that very moment he was a stranger to me. A stranger who held no recognition for me, a stranger who was set to vengeance. At that moment I wondered if he even had any way for redemption.

I hated him.

Then I loved him.

And now, Now I hate that I still love him with the same ferocity.

I hate that I can't stop loving him, even after he humiliated me in the worst way he could have.

Would it ever stop? The pain? The love?

I don't think so.

But I so terribly want it to stop. For last two days, all I could feel is the

u are my friend and friends stick together, through anything."

At this my smile turns genuine, "Whoever thinks love is easy is the worlds biggest fool, nothing about it is easy and who the hell needs love when I got friends like you. "

You do. The voice whispers again.

Side by side, we walk out of the empty room. I try to ignore all the eyes on me but it is hard to when you the reason behind those judgemental stares. When would it stop? Or would it ever?

"Love is maybe difficult to handle but in the end it is worth all the pain." Dev comments with goofy smile and I immediately realise he is thinking about his girlfriend, Jasmine.

But is it really worth all the piercing in my fragile heart?

"I hope so." I murmur absentmindedly.

"So I'm going to go. I've got Dani to pick up."

I perk up at the mention of his sister, "How is she?"

He smiles, "She is good but handful. Oh, and by the way you might want to check in with Professor Vidal. He was discussing grades today if you missed it." He advises.

Grades? Seems like I missed it.

I give him brief sheepish smile, "I will do that now." I promise.

"Great, I will see you later. Take care Ira and uh, he is a moron to hurt you." He utters stepping away.

I giggle, "He sure is."

Winking he disappears out of my sight.


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