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   Chapter 85 Eighty five

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Wiping my tears I walk inside the corridor of my dorm. Instead of my room I knock Alice's door impatiently.

"What the fu- Akira?"

I try to speak something but end up choking my word until it becomes sobbing. She pulls me into a hug I didn't know I needed. I cry on her shoulder and she lets me, murmuring 'it's okay'. But it's not okay, nothing is okay. I am not sure if it would be okay at all.

God, please make it okay.

She leads me inside and makes me sit on couch. She gives me a glass of water. Sniffing, I drink it feeling my sob subsiding.

She sits in front of me, "Are you okay babe? Wait, don't answer that, of course you are not. Whose ass do I need to kick?"

Despite myself, I giggle. It hard and funny to picture her kicking Romero's arse when she is half of his size. I was right to like her, she is a good friend.

She grins, "That's better. Now tell me what happened?"

I don't want to talk about it but the weigh on my heart is too much. I need to get it out so I tell her everything. She listens without interrupting. I heave a breath after telling her. I truly needed someone to hear me out. At times like this I miss my best friends, who would hear without being judgmental.

"Can I say something?" She asks after a beat.

I nod.

"I don't think King meant to hurt you by hiding the truth, he was just scared that you would leave him and that you did which proves his fear wasn't unreasonable. I am not taking his side but when someone's -who is so used of having control- control slips they do irrational things and your King did the same. You can't hold it against him when he is begging for your forgiveness and is willing to try next time."

My king.

"Then why did he ask about my family when he already knew everything? To have a laugh?" I shake my head.

That's what hurt most, he knew they were dead and how they died, he still went ahead and questioned my deepest scar. He knew everything about me but acted like he didn't. I feel like a fool played by him.

"He probably thought you would think of him as a creep who is obsessed with you." Her words does something to my brain.


Does he really love me or is he just obsessed with me? What i

"Fuck off!" Snarls Romero vehemently.

Slade sighs, "Look man, if she comes here, Syd will inform us. Won't you Syd?"

Then Sydney's words come through as squeak, "Yes I will."

I get up to see from my spot. Romero is still in the same position but he doesn't look like he has had a blink of nap. He growls in response, "I said I am not moving from here until I fucking see her."

"You look horrible man. You don't want her to find you like this. She wouldn't like it."

Yes, I wouldn't.

I want him as my King.

Not like this.

"You don't fucking understand anything! She is going to leave me and I-I fuck, I can't let her. I need to apologize when she comes back." His voice shakes with underlying desperation.


Oh God no!

I will not leave him. I can't.

I don't know how to, I just need some time.

"She loves you King. She won't leave you. Please listen to Slade. I promise I'll inform you when she comes back." I have never heard Sydney speak so softly. It is as if she could feel his pain.

"Yeah dude, if you don't, you could have an episode. I'm sure you don't want that."


What does that mean?

Slade's word has desired effect on Romero as he scowls, "No, not that. Not now when.." he trails off. Standing up abruptly, he walks away without any other words.

Slade and Sydney shares a look before Slade quietly follows after Romero.

I let out a breath I was not aware holding.

How I am going to survive today?

* * * * *

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